Under Boob Sweat- Tips on how to relieve it

Yes, the pain is real and millions of women all over the world suffer with skin irritations, rubbing and chafing under their boobs. Now you may think this is due to wearing a bra but this is not always the case. Women still experience under breast sores even when bra-less due to sweating.

Sweating is an entirely natural, biological process, which helps regulate our bodies temperature and literally keeps us alive, but did you know that sweat only smells when it mixes with bacteria on your skin?

We know that bacterial loves and thrives in warm sweaty places and many women have thrush like symptoms under their breasts due to this being a dark, warm, cozy, damp area for bacteria to grow. Yeast infections (thrush / candida) can be prevented by keeping the area clean and dry. For many this is easier said than done, but there are some tips on combating under boob sweat below, including wearing a bra sweat liner (now did you know that was even a ‘thing’?) However, if your boob sweat causes excessive chafing, an uncomfortable rash or red itchy or broken skin you may need a prescription cream to treat it and should consult your doctor.

Excessive underboob sweating can also be caused by hormonal factors so if you notice you’re sweating more than usual, consult your doctor. It may be your age if you are menopausal or menstral if you are nearing your period bleed (for some known as ‘that time of the month’) but worth checking out if its unusual for you.

How to Relieve Underboob Sweating

There are a number of things you can do to help relive if not 100% prevent sweating under your bust, some of these are DIY suggestions, everyday suggestions or a quick and simple ‘easy fix’.

1. Eat more water rich foods such as water melon, cucumber or mint based tea. These foods are known to reduce body heat, which will reduce the body’s need to sweat.  If you ever needed an excuse to have Mojito, then this is it!

2. DIY solution… Wear a panty liner. Not the most attractive or comfortable option but it is a cheap quick fix if in need.

3. To reduce friction (which is a factor of chafing) wear a properly fitted bra and preferably one that is not made of synthetic fibres. Most bras are made with materials like polyester and rayon. Synthetic materials don’t “breathe.” This means they trap heat and prevent sweat from evaporating.

Try wearing cotton or lace bras which are breathable materials. If you can wear bras that help lift your boobs off your skin, this also helps by circulating the air around and  under your bust as well as reducing the ‘warm, dark moist’ area that bacteria loves.

4. You may have heard that spraying deodorant under your boobs or on your inner thighs (to stop your thighs from chafing due to sweat and friction) is an effective solution. According to doctors, there are no strong studies to support the claim that aluminium (ingredient used in some deodorants), is linked to breast cancer or any clear evidence that it increases your risk,  but if you do try this solution then try using a natural deodorant in a solid stick form.

5. The simple, quick, easy and very effective way to relieve underboob sweat is to wear a Bra Sweat Liner. Chaffree offers an all year round ‘wear, wash, relieve and go’ solution with their breathable bra sweat liners. These come in 2 sizes and go up to KK bust size.

Made from Coolmax which is a technically advance fibre specially designed to wick away moisture (sweat / perspiration), to keep the area cool, dry, sweat and chafe free.  In 2 styles, pads or bands, these sweat liners are held in place by your bras strap/band and it is surprising how much moisture they hold.

Suitable for all bra styles, from sports to your finest lacy/sexy,  place these bra liners where required in the morning when you’re getting dressed, and be surprised by how much sweat would have been on your skin and on your bra when you take them off at the end of your day. These liners are very durable and come with a cute laundry wash bag. For a quick turn around, put them in the washing machine, dry them (very quick drying) and pop back on the next day. These really are a wear, wash, reuse, time and time again solution. Watch the video of how easy it is to wear the Bra Sweat Liner Band

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