Zap hot flushes and night sweats with smart pants and let your body breathe…

When you’re going through the menopause, hot flushes and night sweats can become the bane of your life, with the increase in body temperature making you feel awkward and uncomfortable especially when you’re trying to sleep.

Night sweating can cause insomnia and other associated sleep disorders because if your body is not at an optimum temperature, it’s next to impossible to fall and stay asleep.

Lack of sleep has a knock on effect, resulting in low energy, poor attention span, susceptibility to infection, and a reduced ability to heal.

This is not good news if you’re menopausal or perimenopausal as menopause takes a serious toll on your body because of all the drastic changes you’re going through. It’s a time when you should be getting extra sleep, not less but night sweats can make sleep a near- impossibility.


Should you sleep naked then?


Not everyone feels comfortable sleeping naked, particularly if they share the bed with someone else. Plus, it often isn’t practical, as hot flushes and night sweats aren’t exactly consistent and in the colder months, you don’t want to have to spend half the night under the covers shivering and freezing because you’re not properly dressed, just in case about of sweating occurs.

Sleeping naked also doesn’t necessarily help combat sweating the way you think it might. When you’re going through menopause you need extra help to wick sweat away from your body, otherwise, you’ll just end up spending the night an uncomfortable sweaty mess.

We all know that unpleasant prickly feeling of being too warm, and unfortunately, during menopause that’s a problem that sleeping naked just can’t solve.

Also, those uncomfortable hot flushes that can come on at any time during the day aren’t helped by sleeping naked either.

Leaving the sweat on your body can also lead to itching which can lead to scratching which can lead to a whole more skin and bacterial problems as well as something extra to keep you up at night. Trying to sleep whilst hot and itchy is practically impossible, you may as well get up and have a cool bath/shower.


But wearing underwear makes me feel uncomfortable and itchy?


Wearing man-made fibres, too tight underwear, or pants that haven’t been designed to be breathable can cause itchiness, as the fabric traps sweat next to the skin instead of allowing it to escape.

If you’re not wearing underwear that’s been designed to be breathable, you cause bacteria to linger close to your skin, which can result in skin chafing and sores if left unaddressed long term.

Sweating increases dramatically during menopause and perimenopause as the body adjusts itself and hormone levels fluctuate. If left untreated, you could end up with an itchy, uncomfortable rash or skin bumps at best, or a nasty bacterial or yeast infection if the problem becomes more severe.


what should you wear to help make hot flushes and night sweat more bearable then?


Wearing specially designed “smart” underwear designed to wick sweat away from the intimate zones of your body like the crotch area, can help to prevent skin chafing, sores, and infection, and will help cool your body down.

Slipping on a pair of breathable briefs like this virtually seamfree high-performance pair of Women’s Briefs from Chaffree, will help keep the symptoms of hot flushes and night sweating under control allowing you to enjoy a superior night’s rest.

Made from advanced Coolmax fabric, the anti-bacterial gusset has been double lined with cotton to stave off yeast infections, while the comfort first fit will hug your curves like a second skin.

These pants are so soft and light, once you have them on you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. Durable and lasting, the briefs come in a selection of colorways, sizes, waist heights and leg widths, making it easy to chose the perfect pair that’s tailored for your body.

No matter what your shape is, Chaffree’s clever briefs have been created to mould to your body, while the high tech Coolmax fabric has been engineered to keep sweating to a minimum.

Sleep better and deal with hot flushes and night sweats more effectively with Chaffree’s stylish and smart breathable briefs.  Power up with these pants in your armoury and you’ll be equipped to stave off those irritating menopause symptoms that stop you getting the rest your body so deserves.

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