Mens Boxer Shorts

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Men’s Boxer Shorts Features and Benefits:

  • Seamless, Stretchy, Lightweight and Quick Drying
  • Keeps skin cool and dry as made in the performance wicking fabric COOLMAX®
  • Latex Free with Anti Bacterial properties giving relief from sweating and chafing
  • Short (5″) and Long (7″) leg lengths in Sizes Small-3XL
  • Thick soft and stretchy waist band for a more comfortably fit


Men’s Boxer Shorts Features and Benefits:

Men Boxer Shorts

  • Seamless & Stretchy
  • Lightweight, quick drying and machine washable
  • Keeps skin cool, dry and comfortable through high performance wicking fabric COOLMAX®
  • Latex Free
  • Anti Bacterial properties
  • Gives relief from sweating and chafing
  • Double stitching to strengthen seams
  • No irritating labels
  • Soft flexible fabric with a second skin feel for minimal movement.
  • Sizes Small-3XL
  • Short (5″) and Long Leg (7″) Lengths
  • Thick soft and stretchy waist band for a more comfortably fit
  • Multi Packs are made up of a variety of colours in stock. You can add a note when you order specifying the colours you prefer and we will do our best to accommodate. This is subject to stock availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Mens Boxer Shorts

mens boxer shorts black long and short legA premium quality garment for comfort without any compromises,  allowing men to stay cool, dry and in control regardless of what they are doing.

Chaffree Boxer Shorts have been specially designed so that areas of more intense sweating/perspiration are dealt with quickly and effectively as there made from COOLMAX® fabric.

COOLMAX® fabric is breathable and wicking with an inbuilt moisture management system that keeps users dry and cool when they start to sweat. The COOLMAX® fabric moves and transports perspiration outside of the body where it quickly evaporates thus reducing the skin to irritation and other attributes that cause skin to chafe, leaving you to get on with your life in comfort and confidence.

Chaffree mens boxer shorts are ideal for any size, age, shape or fitness and are available in Short (5″) or Long (7″) leg length.

Please see our size chart and returns policy before purchasing.

Colours             Pacific (blue)             Arctic (white)                   Jet (black)

mens boxer shorts colours



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186 reviews for Mens Boxer Shorts

  1. James (verified owner)

    I like the products but the last batch has already developed a hole in the material. So no I’m not sure if I will purchase again.

    • admin (store manager)

      Sorry to hear that James. If you contact they will arrange an exchange for you.

  2. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Very comfortable.

  3. Martyn W. (verified owner)

    Very unique and unusual way the material carries and supports your flesh even after 12 hours.

  4. Adel (verified owner)

    It’s great exactly what I needed. Used in a hot summer day, it’s was incredibly fresh!! Not sweating at all I loved it

  5. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Best fit ever. I use them as liners for my cycling shorts and they are amazing.

  6. David (verified owner)

    Very comfortable great product. Just wish they could be made cheaper?

  7. Catherine Sheridan (verified owner)

    Excellent goods and service

  8. John (verified owner)

    Been a long time customer, the garments have always maintained their colour and comfort.

  9. Deborah A Morse (verified owner)

    My husband Shane and my son absolutely love these boxers!

  10. Angela Crosse (verified owner)

    Best boxers I’ve tried (I’m female btw), and have tried all sorts! These are really comfy, the legs don’t ride up and fit lovely. Tried one pair then ordered another 5!

  11. John (verified owner)

    Product and shipping were good. But a nasty surprise paying 21% vat on delivery in Spain . It means I paid vat twice

  12. Stefano (verified owner)


  13. Duncan Grundy (verified owner)

    Fit like a glove

  14. James G. (verified owner)

    Been wearing these for years now. Comfortable and last for ages. When the do wear out I just buy more. Theres no need to look for alternatives these are perfect

  15. Sally Vanda McLean (verified owner)

    They slip down my husband’s tummy

  16. Catherine O’Connor (verified owner)

    My sons love the Chaffree boxers. No chaffing anymore. The service is exceptional, they where delivered so quickly I also have two pairs, they where great through the hot weather. Would highly recommend them

  17. john jeffrey (verified owner)

    As always the product is of high quality and does the job it is designed for very well.

  18. Claire T. (verified owner)

    Bought for my husband who said they did a great job.

  19. Dan (verified owner)

    Really comfortable and improved design. Thank you!

  20. Ben Wells (verified owner)

    So, I’ve recently decided life needs an overhaul, and I need to shed some weight. A lot of weight. So along with other things, I started walking…….and once I started, so did the chafing.

    Not good. Targeting 100km a month, means some serious time out and about, and it stuff is sore…it isn’t happening. So I went shopping. Came across Chaffree, had a read…..purchased a pair.

    Best thing I ever did. Chaffing massively reduced, the way they deal with moisture helps too….I’ll be buying some more of these, as it’s time to turn up the walking to daily!!!

  21. Roy D. (verified owner)

    As always great service matched by great products. More socks will be next. Thanks.

  22. Timos Savva (verified owner)

    Very comfortable boxer

  23. Mary Jones (verified owner)

    My partner loves the boxer shorts won’t wear anything else now.

  24. Michael Byrne (verified owner)

    You changed the product considerably. They are a lot heavier and not breathable at all. For me this increased sweating and makes the product redundant. Loved the previous version. Very dissatisfied

    • Support (store manager)

      Hi Michael.
      We are disappointed that you do not like the new version of the boxer shorts but the good news is that we will be restocking the older version later this year and having 2 versions. Light and Medium Weight.

  25. Bimal (verified owner)

    Brilliant! Saved me from rubbing my thighs raw on a 50km walk.

  26. Daniel (store manager)

    I am a big fan of your products (this was already my second order of your products – my first order were just the same boxers as these). I use them for long distance walks (42km and more) and I have worn them under all weather conditions (hot sweaty summer, pouring rain, cold winter).
    I did not have any chafing problems at all (I did have chafing problems with my regular cotton boxers – that is why I bought yours). I just love them.

    Thank you very much for your kind help. It’s a really great customer service.

  27. Mark (verified owner)

    I highly recommend these boxer shorts, for the very purpose they have been designed for.

  28. Derrick Pettit (verified owner)

    usual high quality

  29. john jeffrey (verified owner)

    I find the mens boxer shorts very good and meet all my requirements.

  30. john jeffrey (verified owner)

    As an above knee amputee and the user of an artificial limb the type of under wear that I use is important. Most types of underwear have a proud seam that runs up the inside of the thigh and down the other leg. This means when you put weight on your artificial limb you are sitting on this seam which soon causes soreness. Chaff Free under wear do not have this seam and are therefor far more comfortable !!

  31. ALEX (verified owner)

    Amazing – very high quality and the only boxer that has solved my issues

  32. John Spicer (verified owner)

    They are for my son he loves these said there so comfortable

  33. Phil Smith (verified owner)

    The new product makes what was an excellent choice even better!

  34. Philip Smith (verified owner)

    I’ve used Chaffree boxers for the last five years. They are the only underwear I have as I really wanted to avoid the discomfort of excess sweating in my groin area. I am delighted with the improvements made to the product and am replenishing my underwear drawer with more of these. They still offer the best value when put alongside similar products as well; so, what’s not to like! Many thanks for responding to the needs of your customers.

  35. Bjarni Halldórsson (verified owner)

    Underwear too big. My waist is 104 cm but XL fitted poorly and was too long.

  36. Gareth (verified owner)

    waist band to high

    • Customer Services (store manager)

      Hi Gareth.
      Our boxer shorts are a traditional height, they sit in-between the hip bone and naval as per the images on the website.

  37. B A. (verified owner)

    Love these and will buy more, do what they say they will

  38. Andy (verified owner)

    Great fit. Comfortable.

  39. Katherine c. (verified owner)

    Worked for my Big tall son perfectly.

  40. Kristian C. (verified owner)

    Great product and service

  41. Mary Jones (verified owner)

    My Partner absolutely loves the Chaffee boxer shorts they completely protect against chafing they keep him cool.

  42. Dan (verified owner)

    They work.Would love more colours!

  43. Stephen Cleary (verified owner)

    Really comfortable

  44. dan (verified owner)

    comfortable and have reduced chafing.Pity only white available for obvious reasons.

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service

  46. Matt (verified owner)

    Quality underwear quick delivery

  47. neelu white (verified owner)

    My son is in wheelchair and sweating in the groin area caused raw skin, itching and a huge amount of discomfort. He had to use anti-fungal steroid creams to help healing. I as a mum was very distressed and spent ages on the internet to find something in the line of comfortable underwear. Luckily I came across CHAFFREE. Rest is history. I have no more issues with my son’s chaffing discomfort. I can’t stop telling other people about it. Washes well, extremely comfortable and very durable.

  48. Carina (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, perfect product

  49. Michael Byrne (verified owner)

    all out of stock. Love product bet they need to be in stock

    • Customer Services (store manager)

      Hi Michael.
      Covid has caused us a problem with stock as the factory has been closed but we should be fully stocked next month.

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very comfortable although bit high up my waist

  51. Matt (verified owner)

    Quality underwear

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quality item best underwear i have worn

  53. Nigel P. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service

  54. Peter B. (verified owner)

    Seem ok. Comfortable. If durable will buy more.

  55. Matt (verified owner)

    Great quality quick delivery

  56. MATHEUS P. (verified owner)

    Very good product and great customer service.

  57. Steven (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and fit perfectly! Will definitely be getting more

  58. David P. (verified owner)

    they do exactly what it says on the tin – even when playing golf in 42 degrees and 75% humidity

  59. Matt F. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery quality product

  60. Michael (verified owner)

    Stops chafing, keeps everything cool. A little high in the waist, but easy enough to just not pull them as high. Worth the money, will be stocking up ?

  61. Claire (verified owner)

    Bought for my son, comfy & did exactly what we hoped. Highly recommended

  62. Daniel M. (verified owner)

    This is my second order, they do the job intended very well!

  63. Judith B. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable, great value, big sizes which are rare! Will buy again.

  64. Barry James Brackley (verified owner)

    As always great

  65. Matthew (verified owner)

    Do nothing that they say. Couldnt be more disappointed with this expensive purchase. My legs are as sore and chaffed as before so very very disappointed that I have spent £100 for nothing.

    • admin (store manager)

      We are sorry to hear that you were not happy with your boxer shorts. Please get in touch with support who will happily organise a refund for any unworn items.

  66. G Boxall (verified owner)

    Comfort fit, OMG I am in love with these. Will be phasing out all my existing trunks with these bad boys

  67. Nigel P. (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and well worth buying

  68. Gordon (verified owner)

    Pros. Good value. No issues with chaffing anymore. Easy to wash and dry.
    Cons. The waistband is too high (2″ above my belly button) and rolls down. I suspect that your model is over 6 ft tall and with a 36″ inch. Unfortunately I am 5ft 7″ with a 40″ inch waist!! Can you produce a shorter version for us small and dumpy men?

  69. Chris B. (verified owner)

    Very nice and comfy, super fast delivery, only negative from me is waistband sits very high and turns over if you have a belly

  70. Nigel P. (verified owner)

    Very good service

  71. Ansar I. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, perfect fit, worth the money.

  72. Jo (verified owner)

    Come up very high of waist so have to be turned down. Are very comfortable however.

  73. Keith Ridings (verified owner)


  74. Dan (verified owner)

    Good product good service

  75. APRB MORGAN (verified owner)

    Superb Comfort and Wicking

  76. Germana Biolchini (verified owner)


  77. A C (verified owner)

    seem okay, are very different to other brands.

  78. Tanya (verified owner)

    That’s the only underwear my partner wears. Three purchases. Very happy.

  79. Andrew Robinson (verified owner)

    I am a long-distance motorbike rider and have been all over Europe, even into the artic circle, and I always take Sudocrem with me as I often get chaffed and sore. I purchased these boxers for a charity 1,000 mile motorcycle ride in under 24hrs and was in the saddle for over 17hrs. In the past I have really suffered, but with these boxers I had zero issues. Fantastic!

  80. Paul (verified owner)

    Perfect product and delivert

  81. Tonia (verified owner)

    My husband didn’t like these, as they were too big in the body and they kept rolling down, giving him a band on his waistline

    • admin (store manager)

      Hi Tonia,
      It sounds like you have ordered the wrong size. Please get in touch with customer support who will be happy to help.

  82. JR (verified owner)

    Quick , efficient service

  83. Liam S. (verified owner)

    Actually lets me walk enough for my feet to start hurting before my crotch, amazing.

  84. Simon O. (verified owner)

    Excellent boxers. I work outside and regularly do long distance walking. I’ve worn these for both and found them to do exactly what they’re supposed to. They stop any sign of chafing, keep me cooler than any other undies I own and are comfortable to wear all day. I have worn them with chafing (which developed on a day when I foolishly wasn’t wearing these) and didn’t even notice it. The only slight criticism is that they need pulling up a lot higher over my waist than I would normally wear boxers but I counter this by rolling the top down a bit and it doesn’t effect the comfort.

  85. john jeffrey (verified owner)

    As a 74 year male who had an above knee amputation 20 years ago I have been looking for underwear that does not have a big seam that runs up the inside leg and around the groin area. This is just were you take your weight when wearing a artificial leg. The Chaffree under wear seem so far to be the answer, they are very comfortable the only unknown at the moment is how long they last before wearing out at the area of contact with the leg. So far so good. I have had underwear that has worn through in this area in just a few hours!!

  86. John U. (verified owner)

    As an overweight gentleman trying to lose some weight, these have been a life saver. I walk my dogs day and night now with zero chafing issues. Will definitely be purchasing another pair.

  87. Andrew Wilson (verified owner)

    Purchased some of these trunks last year to try them out to wear whilst motorcycling across Europe, we endured some quite high temperatures and found them to be successful, ordered more this year to have a full compliment.

  88. Brittany (verified owner)

    Loves them

  89. Ian Heathcock (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  90. Karen (verified owner)

    I am pleased with this purchase

  91. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Comfiest boxers ever

  92. joanne m. (verified owner)

    Excellent! My son lectures in sport and has full days of practical lessons and they do exactly what you’d hope they do! Would recommend without any hesitation.

  93. Henry H. (verified owner)

    My husband has found these very comfortable to wear and though a little expensive is very pleased with the purchase.

  94. Brittany Rivers (verified owner)

    My boyfriend loves them

  95. Keith Hart (verified owner)

    No exit for my winkle almost need to semi strip

  96. Elaine H. (verified owner)

    Amazing results. My sceptical husband was so impressed at how light and comfortable these shorts are to wear that he ordered a further 5 pairs!

  97. NEILL M. (verified owner)

    they do the job perfectly

  98. David Davison (verified owner)

    For years I have suffered from chaffing between my legs and thighs. I have tried every type of specialist pant I could find and without doubt find Chaffee the best

  99. Sam (verified owner)

    It’s an excellent boxer short, It’s very comfy, lightweight and quick drying. but the disadvantage is the weakness of the fabrics.

  100. MARK (verified owner)

    Great lightweight product , will be back for more ,virtually seamless construction on inner so no chaffing , only comment that I could make that’s mentioned on other reviews is that that waist band does roll down but soon get used to that without any issues.

  101. Philip K. (verified owner)

    I was sceptical as I’ve tried products like these before. I must say these have been excellent for me and have helped eliminate the problems I had wearing work trousers.

  102. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Did not stop chafin becouse material mega absorbed swet so was mega wet

    • customer support (store manager)

      Hi Anonymous.
      We are sorry to hear that you didn’t like the boxer shorts. Can you please get in touch with customer support with your order ID and we will happily sort this issue out for you.

  103. Ian S. (verified owner)

    Excellent under garment for working out in the gym, stops any rubbing

  104. Robert (verified owner)

    Sizing parameters drawn very tightly and the selected size did not match my own measurement. Further, the promise of perspiration reduction fell short my own reality. These went in the bin after a few hours of wear.

    • support (store manager)

      We are sorry to hear that the underwear did not meet your needs. As these are a ‘second skin’ garment they do take some getting used to and we fully understand this style of garment is not suitable for all sizes. I understand that you wanted a shorter leg in the bigger size which we do not sell. Sizing has obviously been the issue with this garment and I am sorry that we could not help you further.

  105. John W. (verified owner)

    Good fit. Parcel arrived on time.

  106. Gerry K. (verified owner)

    Very good product pleased with the service you provided garment very comfortable

  107. Deanna Cater (verified owner)

    I bought these for my husband who is a plumber and has had a problem with severe chaffing his entire life. He has tried everything! And this is the first thing that worked!!! He says they are a miracle and we will never buy anything else!!!

  108. Dean (verified owner)

    Well made and live up to their name. Unfortunately I find them to be a couple inches too tall as the top band always rolls down.

  109. Jim Brackley (store manager)

    I have invested in their men’s boxers , they are absolutely excellent . Their customer service is superb too

  110. Christopher Smith (store manager)

    These are very comfortable to wear but I am still getting some chafing which is a little bit uncomfortable. The waist band am so could do with being a little smaller as they come up a little high. They keep me free from sweat even when I spent all day at work then do a 50 minute spin class in the gym.

  111. Glenn (store manager)

    I would just like to say Thank You for your wonderfull product. I had a problem with soreness in my groin area and no matter what cream and underwear I wore could sort it. I bought 1 pair of your product and it has changed my life. My second pair came yesterday and I will continue buying your product. I’m so so happy now back to normal living and grandkids not saying I smell it’s all disappeared many thanks Mr G.A Taylor

  112. kathryn thresher (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant. Finally we have found a pair of lovely fitting boxer shorts that go above my partners illiostomy pouch and stoma, that don’t look like something a 90yr old would wear. Sadly most other boxer shorts sit either right across the stoma or just underneath thereby causing an obstruction for anything coming out. So these are perfect, and we are eternally grateful that these exist. Please keep making them just the way they are.

  113. Lee (verified owner)

    Great product and swift delivery, lightweight,breathable and no irritation on the skin, perfect

  114. LP (verified owner)

    It works well does the job but the waist is way too high.
    Maybe it would be nice to have an option to have lower waist ones If I pull it up its like my grandfatrhers underwear at the middle of my stomach 🙂

  115. Jane D (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, fit and comfort. Keep my butcher boyfriend warm on the coldest of days. Long length really matters for keeping the lower back warm.
    Also wash very well. Blue colour is lovely and bright.

  116. Ray (verified owner)

    Very nice quality snug fit and cumfatable , a bit expensive but I think it’s worth it

  117. Guillaume H

    Had a pair sent to trial and review.
    Ran a Half Marathon with them yesterday which was the first time I wore them. Got to say I’m surprised how good they are. It was a Chaffree experience but most importantly for me, I rate them high in quality, fit and comfort. I will definitely use them for longer runs from now on.
    Although not cheap, it’s worth paying the extra

  118. Ray (verified owner)

    great product nice fit good quality, a bit on the expensive side, otherwise could not be better.

  119. A J Mitchell

    Great product. Wonderful all day and never a feeling of seating. I have to agree with a few other reviews. I would give them a 5 star rating but for the extraordinarily high waistband which covers my capacious gut!

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to giving a 5 star rating when the waist band changes.

    Many thanks

  120. David (verified owner)

    Magic! Perfect ventilation, watch snagging though

  121. Marky Mark

    Bought quite a few pairs for 2017 summer hols and golfing as suffered quite badly from chaffing in warm weather.

    These garments are well designed and made. I found the waiste band higher than other types of boxers which felt a little uncomfortable. I also found that for me the Chaffree boxers did not breath as well as M&S tight cotton boxers. This additional moisture in the groin area was not welcomed and I needed to shower & change during normal wearing (a day in the office) albeit in a warm environment. I can say however that I did not suffer from any chaffing during long walks, a round of golf or during extremely hot days on holiday….

  122. Gwen (verified owner)

    Bought these for my large 6’3″ husband who normally wears 2XL underwear (which is hard to find in Canada) and suffers badly from chafing, especially in the summer heat. I wasn’t sure about Chaffree tech fabric, because in the past, other brands of tech-type polyester fabric have actually added to the sweat/chafe problem. BUT – Chaffree’s fabric is great – this undie style even has air vents above the gluteal fold to help airflow! The 2XL undies looked so small out of the package but they are crazy-stretchy and fit him well, and that is difficult because unlike most men, my husband actually has a bum and it’s not easy to find undies that have a tall enough rise that he doesn’t have to keep pulling up or out. No seams up between the legs also meant no rubbing and chaffing there. So thanks, Chaffree for making a great design, having large sizes available, and for quick and decently priced shipping to Canada. I will be buying many more of my husband’s favorite new underwear in the future.

  123. Pete (verified owner)

    One thing that prevents Chaffree being the best on the market is the ridiculously high waistband. They’re like pants my granddad wore over his belly button. Super comfy, but whose body are you using to model them? Over a foot between groin and waistband, and 4 inches over my jeans, and before you ask the embarrassing question, body shape: normal.

    • admin (store manager)

      Sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with the waist height of the garments Pete. They are based on regular boxer short waist height. Not sure if you are used to hipster style underwear?

  124. John

    Overall an excellent make of underwear, exceptionally comfortable and exactly as described. However, one flaw, in my meagre opinion is with the waistband. This is made from the same material as the actual underwear and continually rolls down on itself with the most basic of movements (sitting) forming a ‘band’. Perhaps consideration could be given to the possibility of utilising a slightly firmer material meaning less or no roll.

  125. Anu (verified owner)

    Bought these for my son who was going travelling and suffers from Eczema.
    They worked like a dream.
    Not only did he not sweat and itch, his skin looks so much clearer.
    He now won’t wear anything else.

  126. Ahmed Yusuf (verified owner)

    after buying these under wear i no longer have chaffing at all, so i am very happy with the my purchase and look to buy some more in the near future 😀

  127. Emre (verified owner)

    I run very often and I am very happy with this amazing underwear. I finished a marathon and I did not have any problem on my inner thighs. I do not have any chafing problem anymore. They are also very comfortable and light. I wear it under my running tights and I do not even feel it. First I bought one and after that I ordered 3 pack. It is definitely worth buying it.

  128. Don Armentrout (verified owner)

    The boxer shorts perform as advertised. There is no chaffing at all when wearing Chaffree boxer shorts.

  129. Skylar (verified owner)

    Awesome boxers !!!!!! . I have tried many types of boxes to get rid of chaffing. Here in Texas the humidity is high and the chaffing is horrible if anyone works outside in the heat. I finally have relief from pain and can concentrate on my job.

  130. James S. (verified owner)

    Amazing product. For someone who works 12 hours a day and is walking 10 out of the 12hrs, these were a lifesaver! I wish I had bought more of them!

    Now I just need some chaffree socks! Lol

  131. Marion (from Bondi, Sydney Australia) (verified owner)

    I’m a curvy Australian female of a “certain age” with a thyroid dysfunction so I REALLY suffer from chafing. After experimenting with countless Chaffee styles, I now wear the MEN’s boxers! I found the women’s boxers either too long so they’d roll up, or too short so I’d forever be pulling them down. They were also WAY too long in the trunk, coming up to meet my bra! The men’s are a much better cut! They sit lower on my hips & the leg length was spot on. These really are great. I just wish I didn’t have to buy them from the UK & waste all that money on postage.

  132. Marc (verified owner)

    Brought 10 of these before I went off travelling in Asia for 10 months. Suffer from chaffing pretty bad when it’s hot or humid so wasn’t looking forward to going knowing that I will chaff most days in the humid conditions. All I can say is it made my trip possible didn’t get chaffing once whilst wearing them. Now I wear them for work and golf and they are superb. Only criticism would be that after about a year and a half of having them holes are now appearing around the crotch area. They are expensive but if you suffer from chaffing like me it is money well spent.

    • admin (store manager)

      Hi Marc.
      Thanks to customer feedback, we have redesigned the boxer shorts crotch area, so the area no longer develops holes 🙂

  133. Terry Smith (verified owner)

    Excellent underwear , No rubbing, No sweat, No problems. You don’t know you are wearing them.

  134. Gareth B (verified owner)

    Very comfortable to wear. No seams digging in etc. I haven’t suffered from excess chafing or sweating etc, I just wanted some comfortable underwear and these really are fantastically comfortable to wear. Had them on under jeans and suit trousers, provide just the right amount of support and you really don’t notice they’re on, which is the mark of great grundies in my opinion.

  135. Mark (store manager)

    Friend recommended these at a networking event. He wear the briefs and boxer shorts and just raves about them, so I thought I would try some.
    Loved them. They kept me feeling fresher than my other boxers and didn’t ride up my legs even in my work suit. Will certainly purchase more.

  136. Michael (verified owner)

    I thought the product was good and comfortable but not quite what I was looking for. Many underpants cause chafing in the crotch area both between the leg and the scrotum and under the scrotum. This is often due to the seams on the garment being sewn with a nylon thread rather than cotton or the fact that they are turned inside rather than outside the garment. The seams on your product were flatter but might have been slightly smoother. The shorts could also have had a somewhat thicker gusset (We all suffer from a drip from time to time regardless of age). Could the crotch area of the garment not be designed slightly differently so that the offending seams do not ride up into the sensitive areas?

    • customer services (store manager)

      Hi Michael.
      We just wanted to let you know that the thread used to sew the underwear is Coolmax and not nylon. We don’t have any seams on the actual crotch area of the garment as it is seamless and the seams on the gusset are offset so that they are not rubbing against the inner thigh.
      Customer services will contact you as we feel that you have the wrong sized garment if you are experiencing ride up.

  137. Daniel (store manager)

    Don’t usually wear snug undies but thought i’d give these a go especially for running and playing football.
    Must admit, I loved them and bought more.
    Even though they are a snug fit, they aren’t tight and after the initial ‘oh these feel different’ I forgot I had them on.
    Impressed and happy to recommend.

  138. terry-smith (verified owner)

    Very comfortable, cool to wear. For a big guy like me ideal as they do not roll up the leg. could be a little cheaper.

  139. Marion (verified owner)

    Bought for my son who suffers terribly from sweat rashes in our humid Sydney summers. To date, nothing else has worked to keep him dry & keep his skin from breaking down due to sweat infections. Can’t recommend chaffree men’s boxer shorts highly enough.

  140. Ismail (verified owner)

    I wanted to stop getting so hot and sweaty sat in my jeans or lying in my pyjamas. These feel great, I’ve already placed a second order. The thing these shorts don’t do so well is get in between the folds of the skin unless you put them on just right. These are great I also wear these for gym and sports.

  141. Chris S (verified owner)

    These pants are so comfortable it doesn’t feel as though you are wearing them. I would highly recommend them to anyone

  142. Ian Niven (verified owner)

    Very comfortable. It all so feels like you’ve forgotten to put on any underwear. Warm too, which is important in the cold weather. Highly recommended.

  143. Chris (verified owner)

    Work in a warehouse and walk about 15 miles a night(chaffing) This product is very comfortable and makes chaffing a thing of the past Thank You

  144. Bianca Brush (verified owner)

    Hubby says they are very comfortable and have really helped with his sore bits

  145. Rob (verified owner)

    Just started going to gym and after a couple of weeks had some painful rubbing injuries, so bought a pair of the mens boxers and all I can say is WOW! A little strange at first after being used to wearing loose fitting cotton boxers but the unbelievably comfy and now no excuses to skip the gym!

  146. Thomas Veti (verified owner)

    Very comfortable

  147. Wil (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with the Order process and the product. Really comfortable – so much so after an initial purchase of one pair I have gone back and got a 3 pack. Say’s it all!

  148. Harv (verified owner)

    Great product. Used on a wet day for a Hike on Ben Nevis!From order to delivery outstanding!! Worked like a treat!

  149. James Buck (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore these boxers. I can’t express how much they have helped me. I work in a busy diy retail store and spend 9 hours a day running around. I get so hot and uncomfortable and my thighs really started to chafe badly causing so much pain and discomfort. I purchased one pair to try them out and I have been using them everyday, washing and drying them every night so that they are ready for the next day. They have completely stopped the chaffing 100% plus they really have reduced how much I sweat. I will absolutely be ordering a couple of 5 packs and throwing all my other boxers out. Love love love this product.

  150. Claire (verified owner)

    Brought for my partner who works 12 hour shifts in a hot factory and suffers badly with chaffing, he has tried loads of different underwear which have never helped. These pants although expensive are fantastic, he know longer gets sore thighs and they help to reduce sweating too. We will defiantly be ordering more. They wash well and being a light material dry quickly too.

  151. Laurence (verified owner)

    Bought a pack of 5 ahead of a 1000+ mile European motorcycle touring holiday as I knew the weather was going to be hot and I have suffered with chafing in the past.
    The shorts performed perfectly – I remained cool and unchafed 🙂

  152. worsfoldz (verified owner)

    I bought these for my son who plays football and suffers from chaffing. He has worn them twice now in very warm weather and he hasn’t suffered at all.

  153. Martin H (verified owner)

    I originally brought these after being recommended them from a female runner, since I preferentially run in 2 in 1 running shorts due to support, chaffing and comfort. These undershorts have performed admirably compared to them at distances run upto 15km and thus produce an additional option going forward. I can’t wait to see how they perform at the greater than half marathon distance.

    Having used low/zero chaff underwear for various sports and activities in various environments over the last 20 years these have prove to be in the upper quartile of any I have owned in that time

  154. Doug (verified owner)

    Best thing since sliced bread, although the bread had a habit of falling down my trouser legs so it wasn’t that good. Seriously though, my thighs used to chafe from sitting down at a keyboard most of the day. I am now a lot more comfortable at work thanks to Chaffree!

  155. joel jagger (verified owner)

    I’ve waited before posting a review.
    I’m over weight and frequently had trunk type boxers rub on my thighs to the point where I’ve had to stop walking the pain was so bad.

    I went all in and wore my first Chaffree whilst going out to play Pokemon Go all day.
    It was remarkable, no pain, no discomfort – they really are that good.

    I do wonder about their longevity given the delicate nature of their construction but am taking extra care when washing and drying.
    There is no fly hole, so bit of an adjustment there, small price to pay though!
    The waist band is a bit weird as it tends to roll up, but I’ve not experienced any discomfort from it.
    Given the massive benefits these garments have the above are very minor points to make, but FYI…

  156. Ian Middleton (verified owner)

    These are the find of the year , I have been in need of something like this for so long and now I have found them , I will be buying only these in future

  157. Steve (verified owner)

    The under-shorts I ordered are fine for certain things. I was after under-shorts to wear under gym shorts and cycling shorts. The Chaffree ones are fine for the gym, but not so suitable for cycling. This is because they have seams right where my backside encounters the bike saddle, and they are also quite thick. This is sad as it is SO hard to find men’s undershorts with no seams !! Seams mean I get sore rubbed skin during cycling. However, they are very comfortable, and keep more dry from sweat than other things I wear. I do have two main criticisms though – they need about 3″ less height in the waist area – they simply pull up too high and I have to fold them back down (which I shouldn’t have to do), and sizing – I ordered (size S/M) men’s long leg shorts – these fit me fine – I’m 5′ 10″ and wear 32″ waist Levis (though I guess my actual waist is a bit bigger). S/M for me is fine, but it is a bit of a lottery trying to decide what size is best. Had I gone for M/L, they would have been too large.

  158. Rick (verified owner)

    Great for hot weather running sports in general. So comfy, wash well.Will be ordering more soon!!

  159. Paul (verified owner)

    At last! After literally years and years of discomfort on the cricket pitch, I’ve found the most comfortable item of underwear going. A genuine game-changer!!

  160. Donna (verified owner)

    Initially bought one pair for my husband. He found these comfortable, and easy to move around. He does a lot of physical work, so these feel cooler, especially important when the weather is warm. Plan on buying more.

  161. Bob (verified owner)

    Really comfortable and stylish. Not worn them in hot weather yet but they feel as thought they would be sweat-free so ideal for a tough day’s gardening!
    Just need to find that voucher to buy some more….

  162. Dettie Doodles (verified owner)

    Excellent boxers, bought these for my son who has very physical job and struggles with chafing and eczema constantly. The first day he wore these boxers he phoned me to say what a great difference they had made he couldn’t praise them enough! Just needs to save up for some more now!

  163. douglas (verified owner)

    Excellent product – mens boxer shorts. Bought 3 initially, then a furthe 4.

  164. Amanda (verified owner)

    My son loved them, has asked me to order more as he said they were the perfect thing to wear under shorts.

  165. Jad Saleh (verified owner)

    I bought these underwear 3 months ago. I have washed them 6 times so far and they are still good as new! the fit is perfect and they are extremely comfortable when playing sports (i play squash) or just during regular usage. Planning on making a big order now to replace my wardrobe!

  166. Alex Tasker (verified owner)

    This was a huge leap from cotton underwear – nice support, super-comfortable and most importantly no crotch seams. Delighted with my purchase!

  167. Tom McLeish (verified owner)

    So I’ve come to an age in my life where comfort is my number 1 priority and having taken up running a couple of years ago I was finding that having wobbly inner thighs which chaffed far too much for my liking was not helping my running style or my performance. I had even managed to drag my body around the Brighton Marathon and by the end of it my thighs were letting me know who was boss. I then heard about a particular brand of running shorts designed to stop chaffing in its tracks. Well I ummed and arrghed and eventually placed an order for two pairs to see if they were as good as they claimed to be. I have to say I am really pleased with not only the quality but also the design and the actual comfort. I have been known to wear these shorts on non-running days as they are so comfy and they hold everything in place look very fetching under a pair of running shorts. I’ve previously tried Lycra running shorts and have found that these have seems in unfortunate places where as my new shorts do not have these issues to worry about.

  168. Tom Noakes (verified owner)

    Does exactly what it’s made for! Very comfortable because of the lack of seams and labels! The 3 pack was great value for money the only problem is having the logo on the front can lead to people asking embarrassing questions.

  169. Lisa East (verified owner)

    My husband loves these new briefs, they make him feel very comfortable all day long. He works in a warm office and didn’t realise until wearing these how uncomfortable the others are now in comparison. Only one problem I need more pairs as I can’t keep up with teh washing.

  170. Rodger Mayze (verified owner)

    Comfy undies but the waist band comes high and is soft so it tends to roll and produce a thin tight band which can need straightening frequently. Otherwise the legs do not ride up and both the long and shorter versions are good for bike riding. Well made and with a stiffer band would be mush better than sloggies, and similar price

  171. Bruce Danbury (verified owner)

    very comfy. wearing the for long marathon training runs, no issues yet 🙂

  172. Andrew Withers (verified owner)

    It does what it says fits comfortably with a breathable material to allow for moisture to escape and prevent chafing. Great for sports or if you are travelling sat for long periods in cars or planes or in a warm climate. Great product could do with some buttons to front

  173. David Gildea (verified owner)

    Amazing, never worn boxers as comfortable. Comparing them to the best CK etc and they are miles ahead. Worth every penny, as soon as I tried them I went straight back to order 5 more and they gave a 6th pair free. What a win. Excellent quality. They are expensive but of they last they will be worth every penny. best ever tried.

  174. Alan Keill (verified owner)

    Same great quality and fit as the Chaffree short leg boxers but with a longer leg. A product that lives upto its name chafe free, They are extremely comfortable even after an entire day at the office and the night out at a gig

  175. Francese DaBora (verified owner)

    I can say with confidence that the products arrived on time and they are very comfortable and wash well with no shrinkage.

  176. Jamie Goodwin (verified owner)

    These boxers eliminate chaffing very effectively, but there is very little room for the crown jewels!

  177. James Garner (verified owner)

    Super comfortable and gives support in the right areas. I’ve worn these all day and walked miles in them and I’ve had no discomfort what so ever. These are the only shorts I wear now, when these wear out I will be back for more.

  178. Gail Clark (verified owner)

    Thery are really comffy wel worth the money

  179. LuAnne T (verified owner)

    Great product: Purchased for long motorcycle rides. Husband didn’t love the blue color but loved how they worked.

  180. Denis B (verified owner)

    Does what it says on the ‘tin’: I have never really worn snug fitting boxer shorts before but got 3 pairs for a christmas present so thought I had better try them. They feel good both off and on without feeling restricted which was quite surprising. I am going to tenerife for a minth and they are the first things that will be in my suitcase. Happy to recommend the product and the customer service.

  181. Keith B (verified owner)

    Never got them off!: I love the blues ones. Got 3 pairs now and will be getting more. They are dry within minutes and the most comfortable boxer shorts I have worn. A bit pricey but then you only get what you pay for!

  182. Simon D (verified owner)

    Work perfectly: Extremely comfy and worl perfectly

  183. Mandy (verified owner)

    Relived sons Eczema: I bought these for my son who has eczema on the top of his legs and was constantly scratching, sometimes to the point of bleeding. I’m delighted to say that they have worked and he doesn’t scratch whilst wearing them. Maybe it was the fact that they stopped him sweating, I couldn’t really say but I am really pleased (as is he) na dhave already purchased more.

  184. Alan K (verified owner)

    The most comfortable pair of boxers I have ever worn: As the title suggest v.comfortable, they wick moisture away from your sweaty areas quickly. They make slipping into your jeans a breeze with only an occasional re-arrangement of the leg of the boxers. The only critism I have is that the wasitband rolls down but that is probably due to the size of my ample beer belly but even then the boxers remain comfortable.

  185. Ian M (verified owner)

    Great boxers: I was always uncomfortable walking until I got these shorts. Ever since I was a teenager I have had a bad case of foliculitus. Basically a whole mess of ingrown hairs. Wearing pants aggrevated me since pants would rub them raw. I can now say I have that feeling anymore. To me, wearing these shorts are better than naked. If you’re reading this, go for the long legged ones, they don’t ride up as much

  186. Robin P (verified owner)

    Mens boxer shorts: First class comfort. I bought these for golf and they are very comfortable and cool. Only criticism is that there is no fly so it would be a bit of a struggle if you are caught short on the course.

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