chafed and painful groinHow to stop groin chafing and sweating

Groin chafing and excessive groin sweat is an extremely common problem experienced by both men and women, even though we typically think of the groin area as being an exclusively male part of the body. The groin itself can be found between the legs, where the torso meets the upper thighs, on each side of the body in the folds where the inner upper thighs join.


So why does groin chafing and excessive sweat happen in the first place?

Like so many other cases of chafing, chafing of the groin typically caused by skin repeatedly rubbing against bare skin or clothing layers. This repetitive friction often occurs when you walk or exercise and wears down the outer-most protective layer of skin, causing sores and painful reddened patches to develop. Because the groin area is almost always covered up under clothes, sweat develops in this area easily, further contributing to the problem.

Many of the worst cases of chafing are caused by the combination of sweat and friction, but sometimes chafing develops through repeated rubbing of dry skin on skin, which can be equally painful and can lead to weeping open blisters and uncomfortable sores.


What causes it?

Both men and women can and do suffer from groin sweating and groin chafing, despite the common belief that it’s only men that experience this awkward issue. In the case of men, the problem can also affect the testicles and scrotum as well as the groin and inner thigh area, and typically develops because of badly fitting underwear that’s too tight and constricts the genital area, preventing moisture from evaporating.

Excess weight, or sporting activity can also contribute to the development of groin sweating and chafing, and men and women alike find these are both common contributary factors. The problem can also develop from wearing ill-fitting underwear that is either too tight, or made from a synthetic material that does not wick moisture away effectively and so allows bacteria to breed.  Women particularly, often further exacerbate the problem of a chafed groin by using heavily perfumed products around the inner upper thigh area or by traumatising the delicate crotch skin through hair removal processes such as waxing and shaving.


How to relieve a painful chafed groin

If you are unlucky enough to be currently suffering from uncomfortable excess sweat and painful chafing around the inner thigh or upper thigh area, there are some immediate steps you can take to help relieve the problem.  Treating the affected area with an anti-bacterial nappy rash cream or ointment containing zinc oxide can help to repair blistered and broken skin and sooth open sores, while avoiding perfumed body products can help stop further irritation developing.

Taking a vitamin C and Zinc supplement can also help to promote skin healing, while staying hydrated with adequate amounts of water will ensure your cells are well primed to aid in the repair process.

body hair acts as a natural barrier to reduce instances of chafing If you are experiencing groin chafing, you should also take care to avoid removing body hair from the crotch area.   Not only does the hair there act as a natural barrier to reduce instances of chafing and can even help to wick moisture away from the skin, but if you have blisters or sores, removing hair will only irritate already inflamed skin, exacerbating the problem.



What to do to actively prevent Groin Sweat and Groin Chafing

Rather than waiting to treat the problem of groin chafing once it develops, it’s far better to take effective steps now to prevent groin sweat and chafing from ever becoming a problem.

Choosing clothing layers that allow air to circulate freely around the groin is a particularly vital step to take if you want to stop groin chafing and groin sweat from developing. Breathable underwear, such as the items featured in the Chaffree range can provide a welcome solution to both these issues.  The brand offers up a choice of virtually seamless pants, briefs, and boxers which have all been made using the advanced high-performance fabric Coolmax.

underwear to relieve groin sweating and chafing


These Women’s Long Leg Boxer Shorts or Men’s Boxer Shorts are ideal to wear under winter or summer clothing to protect your skin from painful chafing and help prevent groin sweat. The double-looped anti-bacterial cotton gusset in the underwear prevents bacteria from breeding, and the entire range is lightweight, long lasting, and quick drying, with a choice of leg lengths, waist sizes, and colourways to allow you to really personalise your purchase.


By wearing specially engineered underwear like the items in the Chaffree line as you exercise or go about your day, you can help to prevent excessive groin sweat and chafing from developing whenever you move.  Whether it’s cold outside or the height of summer, the smart Coolmax fabric used in the Chaffree range wicks moisture away from the skin, protecting delicate crotch skin to stop groin sweat and chafing from becoming a painful problem.