How To Avoid Paying for Expensive Anti Chafing Tights

Summer can be a nightmare for ladies whose thighs chafe, even more so if they have to wear tights as the nylon can act as an accelerant to  the sweating and ultimately the chafing.

If you have this problem you are not alone as millions around the world have the same issue. Often these women suffer in silence or apply vaseline or a tropical agent to help give them short-term relief.

anti chafing tights,chafing tights,stop chafing tights,thigh chafing,prevent thigh chafingOn the market there are tights/pantyhose that have longer thicker nylon fiber covering the thigh area.  These are often control tights and not only are they expensive (averaging £20/pair) they are also made for women of certain height and shape as reading reviews will demonstrate. They will not guarantee to give any relief from chafing and from my own personal experience, women my find that adding control, nylon, hot weather, movement and friction is a BIG recipe for disaster.

So, what can women whose thighs chafe do without paying a small fortune for tights that may or may not help?

The answer is so simple, you will think OMG, I should have heard about this years ago!

The answer.. Just change you underwear!

There is now a brand of underwear called Chaffree ( that has been specially designed to give relief from sweating and chafing.  Long and Short Leg Knickerboxers for ladies which are made from a breathable fibre that draws the sweat off your body and evaporates it through the fibre, leaving you feeling cool and dry.

ladies long leg knickers,women boxer shorts,anti chafing underwear,stop chafing underwear,cotton long leg knickers,stop chafing rash,stop sweat rash underwearThe legs on the knickerboxers have been specially designed not to ride up the leg without using spots or thin bands of silicone ┬á(which often irritate the skin) and are ideal to wear under tights as the tights ‘hold on’ to the fibre thus the movement of the tights is minimal.

The knickboxers are made from a performance fiber that is luxurious to touch, lightweight, virtually seamless, quick drying and stretchy. Available in sizes small -3XL, long and short leg, as the brand recognises that everyone is a different shape and size.

Not only does wearing knickerboxers under your tights allow women to wear their favourite brand of tights without worrying about thigh chafing or the constant pulling up and rearranging of the tights, it also means that thousands of women can now buy cheap and cheerful tights knowing that the days of buying expensive  anti chafing tights is OVER.

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