For many ladies the idea of wearing dresses or skirts fills them with dread rather than pleasure. The thought of long walks along the beach in the summer sun is something that belongs in their nightmares and not in their dreams. This is due to the agony of skin irritation and thigh chafing. I can image that at some point in all our lives we have peeled ourselves off a plastic seat and been left with the seat mark imprinted on our legs and a bit of a sting.

thigh chafing,chafing rash,sweat rash,inner thigh sweat rash,anti chafing,stop chafing,stop thigh chafing,prevent thigh chafing,anti chafing underwear,stop chafing underwearSkin chafing is a painful experience that takes days if not weeks to recover from. It’s the result of the skin being irritated by repetitive friction and rubbing, generated through skin to fabric contact or skin to skin contact. Stereotyped to plus size and obese people, it occurs where your skin is rubbed raw from the repetitive motion of walking or your thighs touching together for long periods of time i.e. sitting. Sometimes it goes beyond being rubbed raw and in extreme cases starts to bleed.

Lets face it, it’s natural for our bodies to sweat. Yes there are deodorants, creams and gels out there that prevent us from sweating, but would you really want to apply those lubricants and sprays to your inner thighs whilst in your pretty skirt or dress? Not only do these lubricants and sprays prevent your body’s natural process, they also blocks up your skins pores. Next question has to be how long do they last? Does sitting in 80+ degrees of midday sun (even with a parasol) be classed as extreme circumstances and not be typically what the lubricants are used for, thus no guarantee that they will work?

ladies long leg knickers,women long leg knickers,anti chafing underwear,stop chafing underwear,long leg underwear,women plus size underwear,ladies boxer shortsImagine sitting eating lunch in your favourite spot in the summer sun. Your thighs are touching, you start getting hotter, your thighs start to get sweaty, sticky and your skin starts to irritate. Those who know this all too familiar feeling, will know the outcome. Yes, you can shove your skirt in-between your thighs or even wear your old favourite, jumpsuit, culottes or light wide leg trousers in a bid to stop the inevitable, but thanks to a new underwear range launched by a work from home mum (Amanda Whaley), who personally designed it so that she can wear dresses without her thighs chafing, you can now relax as this may very well be the solution your have been waiting for.

The new underwear range (Chaffree) is made from a performance fiber that wicks away sweat, (like a candle wicks away wax). The sweat is ‘pulled’ through the fiber and evaporates, keeping you dry and cool. Virtually seamless, stretchy, lightweight, machine washable, quick drying and extremely comfortable. Available in pretty skin tones colours in Knickerboxers (long leg knickers) or briefs. Not to assume sweating and chafing is just a ladies issue, the underwear is also available for men in various leg length boxer shorts. Extra benefits include extended wide gusset and waistband along with a soft snug fit that sits nicely on your curves with minimal movement.

Currently only available online, Chaffree underwear is the lifeline to many plus size ladies (and men) that they have been waiting for. Ladies can now wear their skirts and dresses and feel feminine and fresh and not sweaty and sticky. A must have for everyone’s underwear draw and the first thing that should go in your suitcase when travelling or heading out on your summer holiday.

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