‘How can I wear dresses without my thighs chafing?’ This is question I personally had asked for many years as since my teen years my thighs. It didn’t matter how big (weight, size) I still couldn’t wear skirts or dresses without my thighs sticking together and eventually chafing.

ladies long shorts,women long shorts,long leg knickers,long leg boxer shorts,anti chafing underwear,stop chafing underwearYou can imagine what summer was like, it was hell! Struggling to get shorts or culottes that were long enough to stop my thighs chafing, but nice enough to be fashionable or dressie (depending on where I was going) and also that didn’t ride up my legs so that  I didn’t have to keep pulling them down. I’m sure my favorite pair had been washed hundreds of times and they are a bit worse for wear but they were still my favorites 🙂

Wearing tights (hosiery) didn’t help at all, in fact it made the situation worse as the nylon made me sweat and then adding thigh friction into the equation was like an accelerator. Inevitably the tights would be off before the end of the evening and I would be wanting to dance but unable as my thighs were killing.

This is what happened to me on the day that my friend got married. I had shapewear on, tights on and it was a summers day. Not too hot outside but inside was very warm. I was getting increasingly more uncomfortable with the shapewear digging into my thighs and the tights making me sweat.  I decided enough was enough when I went to the toilet. I had red welts on my outer thighs and chafing on my inner thighs. So I did the inevitable.. I took it all off!

Not only did I take it all off but I actually threw it all in the bin. I paid a small fortune for that shapewear, let alone the ladder resistant tights, but I had seriously had enough. So I walked out of the ladies toilets quite sheepish looking as not only did I not have any shapewear on, or tights, I didn’t have any knickers on as I never put any on as I was wearing the shapewear.

I walked out of the toilets COMANDO – Knicker-less at my friends wedding!

Luckily my dress was below the knee so no one could tell. I told my husband who looked at me as though I had gone mad and I can remember him (none too quietly) asking me “so you haven’t any knickers on?”  Men! Nothing like announcing it to the whole table! Yes, I felt awkward but I wasn’t suffering and uncomfortable anymore. I even managed an hour or so of dancing. 🙂

That day was the day when I decided I needed to do something about this. I wanted to wear dresses without chafing. I liked dresses and skirts and really missed wearing them.

Chaffree underwear,stop chafing underwear,anti chafing underwear,prevent chafing underwear,ladies long leg knickers,ladies long leg boxer shortsThis is when I started the journey that is now known as Chaffree. I designed and had manufactured underwear that relieved sweating and chafing. Now I wear dresses everyday and when I think back to my friends wedding I smile and think,
‘no more and never again’.

You can read more about my Chaffree journey by clicking About Chaffree or you can check out the underwear by clicking KnickerBoxers,  Briefs or Mens BoxerShorts.

Sweat and chafe relieving underwearAmanda Whaley

Founder Chaffree