For some ladies (and men if you are so inclined) wearing a dress without hosiery (sometimes with hosiery) and without sore chafing thighs is only a dream. Not only is this a real shame as dresses and skirts are so flattering and make many ladies feel more feminine but on those hot summer days, it can become an absolute nightmare as ladies struggle to find long shorts that relieve the chafing but don’t make them sweat or ride up their legs.

I have spoken to many women all of different shapes and sizes and some chafe on their thighs and others don’t. Whilst for many years I assumed thigh chafing was the result of being overweight, I now know that not to be completely true. ComingĀ to think of it, thousands of runner/joggers/fast walkers/hikers chafe and it’s not only women who chafe but men chafe too. I know quite a few men who chafe due to working in heat whether that be indoors or outdoors. Adding all this together then I can only conclude that some people do and some people don’t regardless of their age, size, shape, gender or lifestyle.

Wikipedia states:Ā ChafingĀ refers to the irritation of skin caused by repetitiveĀ friction, usually generated through skin to skin contact of multiple bodyparts. Chafing is usually contracted in the inner thighs and inner glutes; armpits and nipples can also develop chafing although it is less common. Ā Add sweating into this equation and that about cover chafing in my opinion.

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Chafing Equation







So for the people who are overweight and chafe, don’t beat yourself up about it. You are not alone, whilst there is no official statistics for chafing it is thought that millions of people suffer fromĀ chafing every year.

KnickerBoxers,long leg knickers,long leg boxers shorts,women long leg underwearDid you know that doing something as simple as changing your underwear can relieve chafing? Especially if you wear Chaffree Underwear which has been specially designed for the job.

Garments are made from the wicking fabric Coolmax whichĀ has been specially developed to draw sweat away from the skin and release it quickly through the fabric. They are available in knickerboxers (for ladies) and boxershorts for men, sizes small – 3XL, variousĀ colours, leg lengths and midi and full waist heights (for ladies).

Labelled as ‘Underwear so comfortable you’ll got to check you’ve put it on’, Chaffree is changing the lives of many people and putting Chafing into a problemĀ of the past.

You can check out their garments by clicking Anti Chafing Underwear.

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