Can Changing Your Underwear Help Relieve Folliculitis?

folliculitis reliefIf you suffer from folliculitis, then you will know that it is an infection that usually occurs below the skin. It is quite common but it isn’t serious. You’ll experience spots that develop at the base of your hair (follicle), which can become very uncomfortable. The follicles will swell up into pus-filled pimples and they may look like swollen red and yellow spots when the infection progresses.

So how does folliculitis occur?

Folliculitis happens when a bacterium called Staphylococcus gets underneath the skin. If left untreated, the bacteria can overgrow, become irritating to the skin and lead to folliculitis. The condition will leave you itching, sore and uncomfortable. Folliculitis is agitated and gets worse when sweat is added into the equation.

Creams and lotions can help you with this but they can make the skin moist, which can inflame the condition and if the area is left moist for prolonged periods of time, this can make it even worse. Another point is that lotions do help to treat the problem but they don’t stop it from happening, they are not preventative.

So how do you stop all of this from happening in the first place? One way to help prevent this condition from occurring, or getting worse would be to wear breathable, moisture wicking underwear like Chaffree underwear. Chaffree underwear is made from Coolmax fabric which is one of the worlds leaders/manufactures and developers in breathable fibers. The coolmax fiber has been specially designed, with inbuilt moisture wicking technology to lift the excess moisture off your body and evaporate it through the fibre. It is a very soft, stretchy and durable fibre which has been used by top athletes, for its ability to thermo regulate the body’s temperature, keeping the wearer cool, dry and comfortable.

Chaffree underwear comes with anti-bacterial properties, which can help reduce the build-up of bacteria before it becomes a problem. Breathable underwear is recommended by a number of health professionals and it is a great way for you to get relief from conditions such as folliculitis. You know what they say…
Prevention is better than cure!









Summer can be a time of dread for folliculitis suffers and they tend to sweat more, leading to more flare ups and infected areas.

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If you do have a bacterial infection, you need to seek medical attention. Chaffree underwear is not medical underwear.