How To Stop Getting A Sweat Rash On Your Thighs

sweat rashSweating thighs leading to a sweat rash is more common that you would probably imagine as not only does it effect men and women it affects them regardless of size or shape.

Most people get hot and bothered from time to time especially in the humid hot weather climates. Whilst the most common advice is to keep cool and dry, it is easier said than done. Yes we can all get a shower, towel dry and maybe even add a bit of talc between our thighs but that is not always practical nor is it possible as work, life and time all get in the way.

What you can do to get relief from sweaty chafing or skin rashes on your inner thighs is wear breathable underwear that wicks away the moisture/sweat. By doing this you will not only be removing the sweat from your skin and letting it evaporate through the fabric, you will also be keeping your skin dry and preventing it from becoming red, sore, developing a rash or in worse case scenarios form welts or start to chafe and bleed.

Lets face it, having sore thighs is really not nice, especially when you have to work, walk and carry on as though you aren’t having a stinging, sore thigh rash problem. Not only does the rash last a number of hours (if not days) you may have to go through the same process the next day or the day after that, not allowing sufficient time for your skin to heal. By wearing breathable underwear especially long leg breathable underwear like mensboxers shorts and ladies knickerboxers from chaffree, you will be putting a protective barrier to reduce the amount of skin to fabric contact or skin to skin contact that leads to skin and sweat rashes. This barrier will help to keep your thighs and skin cool, dry and comfortable and help reduce (in many cases completely relieve) the issue of skin sweat rash on your inner thighs very quickly and simply as it is as easy as changing your underwear.

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