My husband passed a comment to me the other day that really stung. I was asking my daughter why she didn’t wear her pretty dresses and why she was always in trousers. My husband piped up “probably because up to 6 months ago you were!”

Ouch! Wow, that comment really hit home. Had my daughter really noticed that I was always in trousers? She is 13 now and it is true, up to her being 12, I was always in trousers due to chafing issues. I just couldn’t wear dresses, skirts or tights without sweating, chafing and ending up feeling miserable and sore, but had that really been that noticeable to my family?

teenager weight issues,girl won't wear dresses,teenager self confidence,teenager underwear,plus size girls underwear,overweight girls underwearFrom my husband’s comment, I can only assume so. I did deny it at the time as I felt the comment was hurtful but on reflection I really couldn’t help but wonder if it was true?

My daughter is always in jeggings, jeans, PJ’s or her school uniform (trousers). She says that she is comfortable the way that she is and just doesn’t like dresses or skirts.  Even though we do try and get her wear them from time to time. The nearest we got was playsuits that she wore with tights.

She is not fat or thin, she is a really nice size and shape for a young woman of her age so chafing and being self conscious is not the issue why she doesn’t wear dresses.

Maybe I am over thinking it, but I just wanted to share it with you all so that you can ask yourself the same question. Does your daughter wear trousers all the time? If she does, do you?

If you do, is it because you sweat and chafe when wearing skirts or dresses or is it a confidence thing? Maybe you have varicose veins and are embarrassed?

Whatever your reason, maybe wearing dresses from time to time will make an impact in an area which your never thought it would.. your daughter and the way she dresses.

I now wear dresses a few times a week and love doing so. That is because I am no longer sweating and chafing thanks to chaffree knickerboxers.

The next time I take my daughter shopping we are both going to buy new dresses, summer is coming up after all and it would be lovely to see us both in a dress. I know my husband would certainly love to see it. I’m not going to force the issue as her happiness is the only concern that I have but I can’t get the quote ‘you are your mothers daughter’ out of my head. Food for thought…