sweat rash groin

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I know I have sensitive skin, I can’t wear many fibres close to my skin as they make me itch. Since I developed Thyroid problems, my skin because even worse.

I know that my thighs and stomach sweat when I get hot to the point that my thighs chafe very easily. I’ve had many many years of suffering with chafed thighs and now my skin on my inner thighs is super sensitive and at times feels sore even in jeans or close fitting trousers. They always have little spots on them, ready to flare up at anytime I feel slightly hot or uncomfortable.

heat sweat rash in groin areaIt is along my knicker line that I have the most problem though. The bit right at the top of my leg   (groin) and in between my bum cheeks. The sweating drives me nuts to the point that it itches and then the inevitable scratching. I end up with sweaty skin under my finger nails and many a time I have scratched so much that I have bled and end up with sweat, skin and blood under my nails. I know that sounds really yucky and believe me (as well as being painful) it is but up to about a year ago, the only thing that stopped the itching is a high dose of antihistamine (prescription).  I have spent many a night awake, scratching, having to go to the bathroom as not to wake my husband up and feeling completely cheesed off.

The underwear Chaffree has helped me a lot as well as it helps to control the sweating. It is breathable underwear that is made from the fibre Coolmax which has been specially designed to lift the sweat off your body and evaporate it through the fabric.

good nights sleepI wear the underwear in bed every night now as I find that not wearing it makes me sweat. I know that sounds kind of bizarre but when I first got the underwear, I have seen me get up in the night to put it on. I now have learnt that it is better for me to just put it on before I go to bed. It isn’t just underwear for bed though, I wear it all day long and have completely changed my brand to Chaffree as I find that now other underwear gives me the peace of mind that Chaffree does.

The knickerboxers are especially great as since I have started to wear those (long leg knickers) I have never had chafed thighs, even when running in summer. They have completely eliminated my thigh chafing. Again, in the summer I sometimes wear them in bed to stop my thighs sweating which only ever leads to dreaded itching.

I now feel I have a happy balance, I don’t have to take antihistamine all the time, my thyroid imbalance has stabilised  and my sweating and chafing is under control as is my itching and scratching. I ‘m pleased to say that I haven’t scratched until I bled for about a year now which for me, is all my Christmases come at once.

Disclaimer. This is just my personal experience. If you do have skin problems you should go and seek medical advice especially to avoid getting infected skin. I am not a doctor nor have any medical authority. I am just your average 40+ aged woman who found a product that helped solve a problem.

You can look at Chaffree underwear online at www.chaffree.com