KnickerBoxers Midi Short Anti Chafing UnderwearMy Thighs Chafe, How Can I Stop It?

This is a question I was personally asking this time last year. I would see other ladies walking about looking all hot and bothered and wonder how they coped with thigh chafing? How do they wear dresses and skirts without being in agony after 10 minutes especially if it was hot?

I had seen adverts for chafing creams and bits of fabric that go around your thighs but was never impressed enough to buy any of  it, so I carried on suffering in silence. I didn’t want control shorts as I found them seriously restricting along with making me sweat and then feeling very uncomfortable. They were fine as a quick fix if I was going on a night out but not a permanent long term solution.

I then came across an underwear range called Chaffree. There garments were actually knickers with long (and short) legs. They had cotton gussets, were seamless and stretchy (up to 2 dress sizes) and came in sizes small – 3XL. they looked nice and feminine.

I made a purchase!

I was delighted with the chaffree knickerboxers. As soon as I put them on, I never looked back. You don’t even really know that you have them on as they are such a snug fit on your body and they don’t ride up your legs or make you sweat. They didn’t actually move around my body at all. They were so smooth with a silky kind of feel and made from coolmax which is sweat controlling fabric usually worn by athletes.

I wear my chaffree knickerboxers all the time, under dresses, maxi dresses, skirts and even with trousers. They are seamless and therefore you can’t see any panty lines (no VPS) and as long as you wear loose fitting trousers you cannot see where the knickerboxers legs finish. Finally I had found my anti chafing underwear thanks to chaffree and can now happily say that I have

found the solution to prevent thighs chafing.

You can checkout chaffree underwear for men and women at