Ease Complex Regional Pain symptoms by making one simple change to your wardrobe

You might not have heard of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome  (CRPS) but if you’re a sufferer yourself or you someone who has it, you’ll be familiar with the traumatic symptoms of this highly distressing condition.

What is it?

The condition causes sufferers to experience severe, debilitating pain in one part of their body, usually a limb, though it can spread to other areas of the body too. Sufferers report their skin becoming so sensitive that even the slightest touch or temperature change can cause intense bouts of pain.

Affected areas can also become inflamed and swollen, making it painful to move, and difficult to sleep. Medical experts still aren’t convinced of the exact cause of the disorder, though it’s generally thought to be a neurological condition that makes the body react abnormally to a previous trauma or injury.

The problem is, a lot of sufferers stillhaven’t had their symptoms correctly diagnosed, meaning many go through the pain and discomfort the disorder invokes, without having access to the correct medical care.

The disease can begin at any age, including in children, but the average age of diagnosis for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is 50, with women being diagnosed in about 3 out of 4 cases.

What can be done about it?

Currently the recommended treatment for Complex Regional Pain Disorder comprises four main approaches;

  1. Self-management – Patients are educated about the condition and learn some of the steps they can take to improve their symptoms
  2. Physical Rehabilitation – Sufferers are given physiological treatments to help ease their pain, and learn physiotherapy exercises to help reduce the risk of long term physical problems
  3. Pain Relief – Medication is given to sufferers to improve the physical and psychological symptoms of the condition, such as anticonvulsants and antidepressants
  4. Psychological Support – Patients are given mental health support such as CBT(Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), as the disorder can take a heavy toll on their wellbeing

Many sufferers feel the current treatment plan doesn’t always provide them with the solutions they need though.

“We need clothes that help stop us sweating and also fit us better as we put on weight due to medication but also because of insomnia and sometimes lack of exercise too, “says, Sandra, a sufferer of the condition.

Sandra isn’t alone in her experience, with many other patients reporting side effects from the medication prescribed, such as uncomfortable swelling and bloating.  As the disorder can severely impair mobility, with some people becoming wheelchair bound for long periods of time, this can further restrict Complex Regional Pain sufferer’s ability to move freely and feel comfortable.

Sweating, due to the increased bloating from the side effects of medication, and the psychological stress that results from this painful condition can make it next to impossible to difficult to get a good night’s sleep, while chronic immobility and poorly fitting clothing can cause bedsores and chaffing.

So is there anything else sufferers can do to improve their symptoms?

As badly fitting clothing, heavy or bulky layers, and scratchy uncomfortable fabrics can all exacerbate the problem, sufferers should opt for lighter, stretchy, advanced performance fabrics that will boost airflow to their skin.

The range from Chaffree has been designed with special CoolMax fabric, created to feel ultra-light against the skin.  This helps to ease the feeling of painful pressure so many sufferers report.  All the underwear in the line features a special moisture wicking system, which promotes healthy circulation and lifts sweat away from the body, helping to prevent the sticky, uncomfortable sensation many sufferers experience, particularly when exercising, and at night.

Chaffree underwear features a double cotton lined gusset, which aids in preventing yeast and other bacterial infections, and it’s ultra-comfy feel also helps to reduce the nasty bedsores and chaffing that can result from long periods of standing or sitting. The underwear is very stretchy and can stretchy at least one dress size up, so when the bloating occurs the wearer does not feel like they are wearing control underwear rather than comfort underwear.

If you suffer from this painful condition, the Chaffree range could provide you with a boost in comfort and help to ease some of your symptoms.  Designed to suit all body shapes, it comes in a choice of leg lengths, waist sizes, styles, and colours, with longer leg styles, like these women’s knickerboxers,or, or shorter styles like these women’s briefs, or stylish boxer briefs.

“I’ve been using the new underwear for the whole week I’ve been away and can say it’s been really comfortable. Even when I’ve been exercising I’ve not sweated as much, nor have I become sore around the inside of the upper thighs or underneath my breasts, “ adds Sandra.

If you’rea sufferer of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, then there things you can do to ease your symptoms.  As comfort will be your first priority, an important step to take is to change your underwear to a range like the Chaffree comfort line, as what you wear next to your skin needs to be breathable, stretchy, and designed to place the least amount of pressure on sensitive pain point.

I’ve been using the new underwear for the whole week I’ve been away and can say it’s been really comfortable and when I’ve been exercising I’ve not sweated as much, nor have I become sore around the inside of the upper thighs or underneath my breasts, as I’ve got a disability which makes you sweat more than normal called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which is in my knee but a neurological condition it’s something that really does live up to its name by being hard to understand, but in the 11 Years I’ve had it I’m more comfortable than ever, it would be nice if you did the same in pyjamas and robes in something lightweight for this and a couple of other conditions with similar problems.     Review from Sandra UK.

You can see more about the Chaffree range by clicking this link Chaffree Breathable Underwear.