What To Wear On Holiday When You Don’t Like Shorts

Summer, the time for shorts. Well it is if you have half decent legs, no cellulite or knees that aren’t like  turkey sizzlers on sticks.

long summer shortskneesYes, there is always the long legged shorts or the culottes options, once again, great if you have a thigh gap otherwise the art of walking without the material on your inner thighs rolling up and you having to do a discreet ‘long stride’ to release the fabric is like a new dance move in itself!

Many plus size women can relate to the anti climax of the thought of the summer months. Getting a bit of air and sun on their legs and then reality hits… The dreaded summer months of what wear to feel half comfortable, a tad fashionable with a bit of staying cool thrown in.

This was my problem when it came to going on vacation this year. After not having a family vacation for a number of years, it was time that we had one and therefore whilst being swept up with the thoughts of sun, sea, sand and smiling children, the holiday was booked and here before I knew it.

So now the big shopping trip. Always easy for children, men and women who aren’t plus size, but trying to find clothes that I would actually feel nice in, cool in and not look like a beached whale was something altogether different and actually quite depressing. Bringing back memories and thoughts of ‘this is why I haven’t actually had a family holiday in years’.

unhappy womanHunting for shorts that went slightly below my fat knees was all on impossible, especially given the fact that I had allowed myself 2 days to pack before the holiday. I was completely disillusioned, that was until I actually asked myself ‘why do I need shorts? I hate wearing shorts, I feel fat, uncomfortable and above all unhappy. So Why wear them?

It was decided… I wouldn’t buy any shorts or even spend 1 more minute of my time looking for them. I would wear dresses and skirts all holiday. “HOW’ you may well ask? That was the easy part. I discovered chaffree knickerboxers last year and have been wearing skirts, tights and dresses in comfort, without sweating and chafing since. I would just take a few pairs of those and wear whatever I wanted, whatever I felt cool and comfortable and nice in.

That is basically what I did. I went on holiday without 1 pair of shorts. I took beach dresses, maxi dresses, even dresses for going out at night without one pair of shorts, long shorts or culottes in sight.  I enjoyed the wind and sun around my legs and even wore my knickerboxers over my swimming costume (under my beach dress) whilst walking about during the heat of the day.

plus size underwearDid I feel fashionable, comfortable and cool on holiday? OH YES! No walking like a penguin or doing any new dance moves and I even got a suntan!

Chaffree knickerboxers saved my holiday without a doubt. I can’t recommend them enough. Out with the shorts I say and in with whatever makes you feel good and above all COMFORTABLE!

Amanda W. UK