skin irrartion chafingHeard of anti chafing shorts and not sure if they are what you are looking for?

Anti chafing shorts are an underwear garment designed to give you relief from stomach and thigh chafing.

They are made from a breathable wicking fabric that pulls moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. It then quickly dries that moisture, leaving the area cool and dry, which is why they give relief from chafing as you need moisture to chafe.

mens moisture wicking boxer shorts

Anti chafing shorts are stretchy and luxurious to touch and fit on the body snugly without restriction. Whilst they have some support, they are not control underwear.

Designed in the boxer-short style for men with a short and longer leg, the design of the boxer shorts is such that the fabric has been enhanced in certain areas for heavier areas of sweat/moisture. Women’s garments are a long leg knickers style with 2 different leg lengths  (short and long leg) with midi and full waist height for ultimate comfort.

knickerboxersChafing occurs in hundreds of thousands of people for many different reason including; exercise, immobility, weight and working conditions. Whilst many people associate obesity and overweight to chafing, that is simply not the case. Many athletes have to battle the dreaded thigh chafing.

Once the skin has chafed it can take between 5-10 days to repair depending on the severity of the chafing. Excessively chafed skin can lead to infection and medical advice is needed. Like any damage to the skin, chafing stings and can be painful with many people struggling to walk as they are trying to keep their inner thighs from touching. Leaving sweat/moisture on the body can also lead to fungal infections such as thrush and is another reason
why a breathable fabric is helps to remove the warm, damp, sweaty area that fungal thrive in.

Chafing is often an on-going issue for people, it is rarely a one off condition and whilst there are many products on the market that can give a short term fix, the ideal scenario is to prevent the chafing occurring in the first place.

You need moisture and movement in order to chafe. By wearing chafing shorts made in a breathable fibre you are reducing the likelihood of chafing as moisture is taken out of the equation.

You can buy chafing shorts from They are available in sizes Small-3XL in a variety of colours and are available for worldwide delivery.