Say pants to painful chafing by knowing how to pick the right underwear

At one time or another, nearly all of us have experienced the pain chafing can cause, impacting on our comfort level, freedom of movement, and often resulting in inner thigh sores.

Chafing is caused by wearing restrictive, poorly fitting clothing next to your skin that doesn’t promote the healthy flow of circulation, as by doing this your underwear fails to protect your delicate inner thigh skin from rubbing together.

This problem is compounded by sweating, which affects us all even in winter months, particularly when we’re wearing fabrics that aren’t skin kind or breathable.

Chafing LineIf you’re serious about preventing the problem of chafing, you first need to work out where your chafing line is, then look for underwear that’s been cut at least two inches below that point.

As we all have different body shapes, no two people’s thighs will meet up at the same point, so wearing underwear that falls below this chafing line allows for the natural ride up that occurs as you walk and move around.

The fabric your underwear is made from is also vitally important, as by wearing the wrong material next to your skin you will exacerbate sweating and trap bacteria.

Moisture control is crucial, as when sweat gets trapped next to the skin it amplifies the likelihood of experiencing chafing. Wearing inappropriate fabrics  and poorly fitting underwear that allows your thighs to rub together will only heighten the risk of chafing.

CoolMaxCoolMax, an advanced, high performance fabric that’s been specifically engineered to wick moisture away from the skin and promote healthy airflow, is an ideal fabric choice to opt for when selecting anti-chafing underwear.

Avoid underwear containing any form of silicone or latex, as silicone sticks to the skin, especially as you sweat, get warm, or generally move about throughout your day. Plus, to remove underwear containing silicone, or silicone bands, you frequently need to peel it away from your skin at the end of the day, heightening your risk of sores and uncomfortable, unsightly welts.

Latex is a known common allergant, which triggers many people to experience skin reactions, particularly when worn close to your body. If you wear latex close to your skin and are allergic, even mildly, you could experience hives, sores, an itchy red rash, and over time, may develop painful skin bumps.

It’s not just leg lengths and fabric choice you need to select carefully though, as your waistband can also affect your level of comfort, particularly if it’s not cut wide enough.

Thinner waistbands men boxers Thinner waistbands are much more likely to roll down or dig into your flesh as you move, restricting motion, impacting on your comfort level, and leaving ridges and rashes, and if worn repeatedly, can develop into painful skin sores.

You also need to take into account where the inner leg seams are as seams on the inside leg will cause additional rubbing and friction. Look for outer leg / offset seams i.e. not seams directly in the middle of the inner leg.

The Chaffree range offers a choice of 2 leg lengths for both men and women, and a variety of waist sizes, giving you the option to customize your underwear and your waistband to better fit your body shape.

These Men’s briefs made with CoolMax fabric, and featuring a choice of leg lengths and waist fits, enable you to tailor your underwear to your body and combat the uncomfortable and painful symptoms of chafing.

The underwear in the range is lightweight and made with seamless technology, featuring a long leg double looped cotton lined gusset designed to counter the rubbing that occurs as you move.

With other types of gusset, this friction only becomes more exacerbated over time, as the gusset area will wear thin due to contact, movement, and rubbing against other items of clothing.

When choosing the perfect pair of pants, pick the right gusset length for your body, and protect delicate inner thigh skin from sores, by measuring from the gusset past the chafing line.

Double looped gusset aids breathability, keeping you drier and cooler for longer as well as improving the anti bacterial properties. It also helps to prevent your thighs/legs sticking together whilst wearing Double looped gusset aids breathability or skirts all the way to the bottom of the underwear leg length as all ladies (and men) know that it isn’t just your upper thigh area that sticks together, sometimes it’s all
way down to your knees!

Chafing causes so many people unnecessary pain, distress, sores, and unpleasant bacterial infections, so when you come to select your next pair of pants, keep the points outlined in this guide in mind, if you want to maximise comfort, prevent the problem of chafing,  and promote optimal skin health.

These women’s knickerboxers, made from moisture wicking CoolMax and featuring a full inner leg length, double looped cotton/coolmax gusset and choice of leg and waist lengths, make it easier to tailor your underwear for a more comfortable fit.ANTI CHAFING UNDERWEAR





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