Here’s why your jeans could be endangering your skin’s health… and how to combat the problem…

You might not know this but regularly wearing tight clothing can lead to a host of lingering and even dangerous skin problems.

Issues like inner thigh spots and bumps caused by inflamed follicles and trapped sweat can cause weeks, or months of itching and misery, and can even develop into fungal infections or skin abscesses if left untreated.

Most of us though,  find it impossible to part with our favourite jeans or treasured go-with-everything leggings,  but even if you don’t wear jeans or leggings, you’re likely still at risk.


If you regularly don work out gear, pack on bulky layers to keep the cold at bay during Winter,  wear man made fibres close to your skin,  or like most of us are carrying a few extra pounds – you could be endangering your skin health.

Why is wearing this type of clothing so bad for us though?

When you wear this sort of clothing, the friction created from your inner thighs repeated rubbing combines with the clothing fibres sitting near the surface of your skin – and causes severe irritation over time. This is why after a while you might start to see ingrained and blocked follicles, feel painful skin bumps, or experience an awkward, itchy red rash.

There’s even a medical term for this condition, Follicitus, but unpleasant as that may sound,  unfortunately,  the problem can get even worse.

Worse?  Really?

If you leave this condition untreated, over time the symptoms of repetitive friction worsen, creating a spiral of serious pain and discomfort.  All that trapped sweat continues to breed in your pores, developing into bacterial or fungal infections, nasty pus filled sores, and dangerous abscesses.

Sounds appealing right? So, can you do anything to prevent this happening?

Losing weight can help to lessen the effects of thigh chaffing and chapping but as we all know, that’s easier said than done.

But is this kind of chaffing only something we need to worry about in the summer months,  when the mercury rises and our sweat glands go into overdrive?

No, actually.

You might think you don’t sweat as much in Winter but because of all the bulky clothing, central heating, and temperature changes from going in and out,  your skin is even more at risk from the negative effects of sweating.

So, apart from losing weight, is there anything can you do about it?

There is one simple, low cost step you can take to immediately protect your skin from these kinds of problems, enabling you to prevent weeks, or even months of unpleasant chapping, itching,  and pain.

What is it?

By wearing specially designed high performance underwear created from skin kind advanced materials as a base layer that sits between your clothing and delicate inner thigh skin,  you can keep comfortable and still keep sporting your gym wear,  jeans,  or favourite leggings in style.

Chaffree stocks a wide range of expertly engineered “smart underwear”, made with high tech antibacterial CoolMax fabric, that’s been cleverly designed to fit your body like a second skin.

The fabric wicks away excess sweat,  allowing your skin to breathe easier,  and is so light you won’t even know you’re wearing it once you have it on.

Wearing this type of smart fabric is ideal if you want to prevent the negative effects of friction,  as excess sweat blocks your follicles,  which is what causes all those painful bumps and pus filled sores.

All the underwear in the Chaffree range wears well even under the tightest of clothing,  as the virtually seamfree design ensures no awkward pantylines.

A longer length style like these Ladies Knickerbockers or for men,  these Boxer Shorts,  are perfect to prevent inner thigh chaffing and would be ideal for wearing under gym gear,  cycling clothes, or snug fitting denim and leggings.

The super advanced,  antibacterial fabric staves off skin infections,  while the double lined cotton gusset helps to keep your crotch area cool,  preventing the dreaded “Jock Itch”.  This is a painful itchy red rash that’s caused by wearing too tight underwear,  or man made fibres that don’t allow enough air to circulate to your groin.

And there’s more… with Chaffree’s customizable range you can even personalize your pants… guaranteeing you the perfect pair to suit your unique body.

Chaffree underwear not only helps you see off skin discomfort but also offers you the ultimate in customized comfort  – allowing you to select from a variety of sizes, waist fittings,  leg lengths,  colourways,  and styles – so you can always find your ideal pair.

Put an end to painful skin sores,  bumps, and chaffing by picking up a pair of Chaffree this season, and give yourself the gift of great skin health –all year round.