Best Anti-Chafing Underwear

thigh chafing,stop thigh chafing,prevent thigh chafing,skin irritation,sweat rash,inner thigh chafing,inner thigh sweat rashChafing is no fun what-so-ever and can be very painful. In severe casing it can lead to broken and bleeding skin, which can take a number of weeks to completely heal.

Chafing occurs when there is a repeated rubbing action against either fabric or skin and mainly occurs in the groin or inner thigh area but can be anywhere on the body that sweats and has a repetitive rubbing action, for example, marathon running occasionally have chafing of the nipples from their running vests. Hikers often have chafing of their shoulders due to having rucksacks in direct contact with their skin.

Skin irritation due to sweating can accelerate and lead to fungus infections such as Thrush (Candida) or Jock Itch (tinea cruris) which needs to be treated medically. As with any medical condition, prevention is better than cure therefore learning how the skin irritation occurs and how to prevent it may lead to non-repeat of infection.

Keeping the skin cool, dry and clean is by far the best way to prevent reinfection of fungus infections (unless you have a medical condition or are taking medication that has side effects of fungus infections).

Wearing breathable, anti-bacterial underwear helps keep your skin cool, dry and clean. Underwear such as Chaffree (Chafe-free) has been specially designed to give relief from sweating and chafing as it is made from a performance, breathable wicking fibre, which is both luxurious to touch as well as being modern and extremely comfortable. Chaffree is available for men and women in sizes small – 3XL, with a range of designs and colours.

mens boxer shorts,long leg boxer shorts,moisture wicking underwear men,stop chafing underwear,anti chafing underwear men,large underwear menUnderwear made from breathable fiber is often virtually seamless and stretchy adding to the overall comfort factor for the wearer. Leg seams are on the outside of the leg to avoid the inner thighs rubbing against the skin and the seam. Waist bands are wide to avoid rolling down and areas of intensive sweating e.g. inner thigh, lower back and groin areas are designed to allow for extra breathability so that moisture and sweat can evaporate through the fiber quicker.

Full briefs,midi briefs,cotton underwear ladies,womens briefs,plus size underwear,comfortable underwearWomens Long leg knickers,ladies long leg knickers,ladies long leg underwear,ladies boxer shorts,anti chafing underwear,underwear for under dresses,stop chafing underwearAlso available on the market are creams, ointments, sprays and blocks that can be applied to the skin to reduce sweating and chafing. Whilst these are only short-term solutions and not advised for long term use, they may be handy to have if you are in a situation where you cannot buy breathable underwear or are wearing particular short clothing (e.g. shorts or swimwear).

As with all medical and painful conditions, it is best to seek medical advice if the condition persist or becomes infected.