I travel quite a lot for both business and pleasure. Years of problems with my thryoid and being plus size means that I have to be extra careful what I buy and wear as my skin is super sensitive and I seem allergic to everything. I can’t wear most fibres as they just make me itch. I only buy things that I feel comfortable in and which I know will keep me feeling comfy and content all day.


Here is my list of my 5 holiday essentials. Items that I wouldn’t be without.


1. Seat Belt Extension.

When I got to the size that I was having to squeeze into the seat belt on the plane, it actually put me off flying. It was far too uncomfortable and I was so embarrassed that I could hardly get the seat belt shut that I didn’t get out of my seat for the whole flight as I was worried I wouldn’t get it back on.


I overheard someone asking the attendant for a seat belt extension. Great idea but again I was far too embarrassed to ask. It was the thought of people thinking I should ‘cut down on the carbs’ before I fly that really knocked my confidence.


After one terrible flight (5 hrs) where I had hardly moved at all the whole flight, I just knew enough was enough and when I got home I searched for a seat belt extender. Lets just say it was one of the best £18-£20 I’ve ever spent. In fact I now have 2 as the thought of forgetting it sends me into a panic. I have 1 in my case and 1 in my travel bag.


Mine came in a small velvet pouch, it’s black so no one can even tell the difference. I just clip it in and bingo! I am comfortable for all of the flight. No worries about people staring at me, no worries about getting up to go to the toilet and most of all I am sat comfortable without the strap digging into me.


I honestly do not understand why you can’t buy seat belt extenders either on the plane or certainly at the airport.


sketchers lightweight sandals2. Sketchers Sandles.

I have lots of pairs of sketchers. In fact it is really the only brand I wear now. Boots, flip flops, trainers, go walk pumps. A couple of years ago I went into pavers and purchased another pair of flip flops and a pair of strappy  sandals.


These are amazing! Whilst I love my go walk pumps they sometimes make my feet sweat especially on a hot day. These strappy sandals give me the same comfort as the go walk pumps but as they are open, it allows the air to circulate all the way around my foot therefore my feet don’t get hot and sweaty. Again, they are a must for me. In fact, on holiday now I only travel in my go walk pumps then usually change into my flip flops at the airport and then for the rest of the holiday I am in my strappy sandals.


Another plus point is that you can throw them in the washing machine.  I have them in navy and cream now and again, wouldn’t be without them.


3. Chaffree Knickerboxers.

anti chafing sweat control womens underwearI know I am biased as I designed these but I honestly cannot imagine life without them. The fact that mine are full waist means that I can cover the whole of my stomach and keep it cool under my dresses. I only wear dresses on holiday now (usually fly in trousers) as I love to feel the sun and air around my legs. I can’t wear shorts as they seem to ride up my inner legs and I end up pulling them down all the time but with dresses, I just don’t have that problem.


Chaffree knickerboxers are made from a lightweight, moisture wicking fibre called Coolmax®. It is so soft and stretchy and above all it doesn’t irritate my skin in any way. I designed them so that there are no inner thigh seams and even though there is a gusset sewn in, the flat (flat lock) seams on the gusset are offset so that they do not rub together and cause any chafing issues on the inner leg.


They are really quick drying and I usually take 4 pairs away with me. 2 blossom, 1 black and 1 truffle colour. They are super stretchy so even with a bit of weight gain, you can still wear the same size.


If I ever forgot my chaffree’s then I honestly would have to get them couriered over. I cannot remember or ever want to go back to the life I had without them.


4. Factor 50+ Pocket Size Sun Cream.

As I have sensitive skin, I make sure I take at least 2 of these away with me. I use the childs factor 50 for sensitive skin as I can’t just pop into any store whilst away and grab the cheap and cheerful option as I usually break out in a rash.


I have one in my handbag at all times for walking round and the other is in my beach bag.


The only downside is that you have to put them through as liquids during security which doesn’t leave a lot of room for anything else.


5. Chaffree Sweat Liners.

stop chafe control sweat bra linersWith a big bust comes problems with sweating and chafing. I have big boobs and a lot of sweating and chafing to the point that my skin is permanently scarred under my bust.  I have tried all sorts including body glide, talc, cotton wool, cotton fabric strips (homemade) and bamboo sweat liners and never solved this problem for more than a couple of hours. That was until I designed the sweat liner.


This is again made with the moisture wicking fibre Coolmax®. You just put your bra on and then put the bra liner under it. Literally is just a push up kind of method. There is a higher shaped piece which sits in-between your breasts and then the rest fits under your bra band. It doesn’t move as the band keeps it in place.


These sweat liners can be worn with any style bra including sports bars. They aren’t bulky and are lightweight, flexible and super soft.


I was amazed how much moisture these sweat liners hold. When you take them off it is quite staggering and you wonder why you never realised how wet with sweat your bra was before. I can honestly say that since I’ve started wearing these I have not chafed under my bust. If anything I find that they make wearing my bra more comfortable as it stops my bra from digging in under my bust.


They come with their own laundry pouch (which is a great size and you can use it for all underwear) and dry really quickly. I usually take 3 on holiday with me 2 nude and 1 black. Again, I cannot image my holidays (in fact I wear them all year round regardless of where I am) without them and would be seriously cheesed off if I ever forgot them.


There comes a time in everyone’s life where comfort becomes a priority. I reached that point many years ago. Yes, I may not look the hottest chick walking up and down the promenade but I best I’m one of the most comfy and content! 🙂

Amanda Whaley (Founder of Chaffree)