Plus Size Dresses To Wear On Holiday

How to wear dresses in 40 degrees heat

I’m going on holiday next week and I thought I’d share with you what I’m taking. It’s going to be 40 degrees in Cyprus and the thought of being in that kind of heat a few years ago would have put me off going to such  location, mainly due to the fact that I wouldn’t have anything to wear and would feel really uncomfortable in my clothes.

I am a plus size woman and thanks to the help of Chaffree Knickerboxers, I no longer worry about feeling uncomfortable in my clothes on holiday, in fact this year 70% of my suitcase is going to be filled with dresses!

I can now wear dresses in comfort because I know that the moisture wicking fabric that the chaffree knickerboxers are made from (Coolmax) keeps my stomach, bum and most importantly my thighs from sweating, sticking together and chafing. I’ve been wearing Chaffree garments for a number of years now and they have never let me down. In fact, it is the only underwear I wear all year round.

I wear different length dresses as long as they are below the knee (I hate my knees). I used to be a massive maxi dress fan and whilst I always take a couple, I now go for the handkerchief style dresses and loose fitting dresses that are just below the knee. In 40 degrees I have bought some quite sheer/thin/fine/lightweight dresses that will blow about a bit in the breeze, helping me to stay a bit cooler (well that is the theory) and also I sometimes find plus size maxi dresses to be very heavy and soon rack up the suitcase weight allowance.

I don’t take many pairs of the chaffree knickerboxers (3 pairs) as I quickly rinse them out and they dry within minutes out in the sun.

I would encourage all plus size woman and even women who just want to feel comfortable in their clothes whilst on holiday to get yourself a pair of Chaffree Knickerboxers. In dress sizes 6-36, different leg lengths, colours and waist heights, they are worth their weight in gold (in my opinion) and have certainly changed my holiday wardrobe as well as my comfort factor. Yes, they are not the most glamorous underwear you’ll ever wear but they are certainly the most effective and in reality, how often are people looking up your skirt? If you value your comfort, then Chaffree is a must.

You can look at the Chaffree range by clicking CHAFFREE




Wicking Versus Moisture Absorbing Fabrics

sweat glands on bodySpot the difference – Wicking versus Moisture absorbing fabrics

Everyone sweat, with over 2.6 million sweat glands on your body it would be hard not to. Excess sweat is a problem for most of us at times, but left unchecked it can cause skin irritations, chafing, sores, and even nasty yeast infections, let alone the embarrassment and smell of sweat patches.

There are a couple of different options for dealing with this uncomfortable and embarrassing issue; wearing fabrics with special wicking properties, or choosing a moisture absorbent fabric.

But what are the key differences between the two?

Wick away your sweat

coolmax wicking systemWicking fabrics are designed using high performance synthetic fibres that have been treated with a special solution that helps the fibre absorb less moisture.  This specially treated fibre is then knitted into a fine hydrophobic network, which repels water, helping to keep sweat away from your body, and enabling moisture to evaporate faster.

The special fibres in wicking fabrics are engineered to channel sweat particles swiftly away from your skin to the outer layer of the fabric, where they are exposed to the air.

Wicking fabrics will encourage breathability and keep you feeling cooler than moisture absorbing fabrics, as they help sweat leave your body quicker, preventing that clammy sensation.

Ideal for all situations, from an exercise class to a busy day at the office, wearing underwear or sports gear made from this type of material will enable your body to better circulate air.

Wicking fabric tends to feel lighter than moisture absorbent fabrics when worn, helping you to stay more comfortable all through the day, especially when you’re active.

Soak it up

Moisture absorbing fabrics on the other hand, are constructed using fibres specially designed to absorb more sweat. They can be made from either natural fibres like cotton and Bamboo Viscose or synthetic ones, such as Tencel, or micro-modal.

sweat stains from armpitsIf you are concerned about visible sweat patches on your clothing, moisture absorbing fabrics are a good choice as they are designed to collect moisture quickly in a concentrated area but they are prone to staining over time and hard to eliminate the smell of odour after continued use.

Because they have a great capacity to soak up sweat, moisture absorbent fabrics can also feel heavy and clingy when worn, which is not ideal if comfort is a priority but with the advance in technology this will undoubtedly change in the near future.

Wicking fabrics on the other hand, help spread moisture over a much larger area, with a fine water repellant network that mimics your body’s own capillary network.

Clever clothing designed to aid your body’s own airflow system

mens_boxer_breathability infoWearing underwear or sports clothing made with special wicking fabric, like these Mens Boxer Shorts or these long leg knickers for women from high performance range Chaffree, will help combat the problem of excess sweat and aid in keeping you cooler and more comfortable especially if you suffer with issues such as thigh chafing.

The items in the versatile Chaffree range offer up something to wear for almost every occasion, from fitness classes to the school run.  Chaffree clothing is made with antibacterial Coolmax, which will help to prevent skin infections, and features an innovative double looped/woven Cotton/ Coolmax gusset for increased air circulation, breathability and better hygiene.

The clothing is lightweight and virtually seamless for added comfort, feeling like a second skin when worn, and has a high-end feel without feeling tight, controlling or restricting.

womens long leg knickersThe close fit cut of the Chaffree products maximizes the hydrophobic network of fibres in the advanced Coolmax fabric, enabling them to better mimic your body’s own built in airflow system. Fibers that don’t sit snugly on the body cannot wick away the sweat as effectively, they need to be sat on the skin to be effective, therefore loose tops, t-shirts, underwear need to be sitting snugly (but comfortably) on the body.

While moisture absorbent fabrics will undoubtedly help to soak up sweat fast, wicking fabrics like those used in the Chaffree range are by far the superior choice if your goal is to keep sweat away from your skin, help moisture evaporate quicker, and prevent bacteria from lingering.

If you’re working in a stuffy centrally heated office all day, walking around in the sunshine on holiday, or working out in the gym, underwear like this will maximize your comfort level and prevent sweat from spoiling your day and causing irritating discomfort and chafing.


The Best Underwear to Stop Chafing In Its Tracks

How Underwear Can Help Relieve Chafing Immediately

Chafing is an uncomfortable problem many of us often have to put up with. It can be caused by friction of movement, like your thighs rubbing together as you walk, run, by wearing tight or poorly fitting clothing, rough fabrics or from excess sweating.

Underwear especially, can exacerbate the issue, by causing excess moisture and creating uncomfortable rubbing against your skin, particularly in the summer months, or in humid atmospheres.

When chafing occurs, it causes painful redness and sore patches of skin that can take weeks to heal, hampering your level of activity and greatly damaging your comfort level.

So what can you do to stop it all? 

You don’t have to put up with chafing these days, as luckily there is a solution, and it’s a pretty simple one too.  The answer is to invest in underwear specially designed to combat these problems.

Comfort underwear made from an advanced high technology fabric like Coolmax, will enable air to circulate with greater ease.  This type of underwear has been designed to wick sweat away from your body and discourage the moisture that can contribute to chafing and skin infections.

Take this pair of Ladies Anti-Chafe Knickerboxers, made with an enhanced double looped gusset of cotton on one side, and special moisture wicking CoolMax, on the other. This cleverly designed gusset aids healthier air circulation, and the CoolMax on the outside enables excess moisture to evaporate with greater ease.

The material has a soft, luxury feel and has been engineered to maximize comfort, tackle moisture, and help keep you cool and dry, even in ultra-humid conditions.   Perfect for wearing under summer dresses or skirts, these pants would also be ideal in the gym, yoga class or even for everyday wear to work.

The comfort factor is high, as the Knickerboxers are  virtually seamless, with the only seams flat and positioned on the outer leg for additional ease of wear, comfort and performance.  These clever pants are the ideal pick if chafing is a problem, and won’t show through your clothes, so the days of worrying about VPL are also gone (just like your chafing).

The length helps to relieve the problem of irritating thigh chafing, by adding a snug fitting yet comfortable layer of protection that always feels easy to wear. Stretchy and durable, they won’t fall apart, even after a good few washes, and are so lightweight you won’t even know you’ve got them on! They have been specially designed not to ride up the leg and are available in different leg lengths as we all know one size does not fit all.

Guys too, shouldn’t be left out, as they need to feel comfortable at all times too.  Excess sweat and moisture can cause nasty bouts of chafing, and that dreaded sweaty crotch feeling which can occur, particularly in hot weather, when working out, or in a stuffy centrally heated office.

That’s where these Chafe Free Men’s Boxer Shorts come in handy.  Simply slip on a pair of these in the morning and the advanced technology fabric will ensure a healthy circulation of air all day.

Carefully constructed from high performance Coolmax, with a double woven cotton/CoolMax gusset, they help keep things breathable.  Their anti-bacterial properties also discourage skin infections, by creating a more hygienic environment, halting the growth of unhealthy bacteria.

If you’re serious about tackling the problem of chafing, breathable, specially designed underwear made from an enhanced fabric like this is a must.  Not feeling comfortable is the one thing that can really spoil your day, whether you’re at work, on the sports field, or playing in the park on a summer day with the kids.

Investing in a few pairs of high-performance underwear will help ease  chafing and make a dramatic difference to your comfort level right from the very first wear.

Getting your underwear right is often even more important than what you wear on top, so prevent any problems and max your comfort with the new breed of smart, high –tech, anti-chafing underwear. You know what they say…prevention is far better than cure!

Run Free – Benefits of running underwear

Benefits of wearing running underwear

running underwear coolmax fabric small-3xlIf you run a lot or are extremely active, you already know the importance of comfortable clothing, but you might not be aware of a simple tweak you can make that can dramatically overhaul your performance.

Chafing, is an unpleasant problem caused by friction from repeated motion, such as thigh rub when you’re jogging, excess sweat, or badly fitting underwear or clothing.

It’s an issue you’ve likely come across before, especially if you’re active, and wear tight fitting workout gear for long periods of time or loose shorts that have seams and move up and down your legs.  The awful sensation of burning or stinging, and the painful, red sore skin that follows can take weeks to fully heal.

It happens because skin needs to breathe, and when its encased in tight Lycra or sweatpants for hours, it’s hard for your body to maintain a healthy circulation.  But without essential air flow, when you’re highly active, sweaty, and doing a sport like running which requires repeated movement, chafing can easily develop.

inner thighs rubbing togetherBut there is an answer to this nightmare.  Now  advancements in material technology have made it possible to produce new high performance fabrics that can be used to  cleverly target the problem.

Repeated chafing is irritating and painful but you don’t have to become resigned to this uncomfortable feeling.  By simply making the switch to an anti-bacterial, breathable, and seamless pair of underwear, like these Chaffree Men’s Boxer Shorts, you can solve the problem easily.

The shorts are ultra-lightweight as they’re made of CoolMax, an advanced micro-fibre with a high end feel that’s smartly designed to pull sweat away from your body.  Virtually seamless, they are cut to ensure no awkward labels or bulky inner thigh seams, and will help prevent chafing and thigh burn.

cotten gusset and flat seamsThe double woven looped gusset, with cotton interior and Coolmax on the outside to maximise moisture evaporation, will help your body stay cleaner and cooler, and will aid healthy air circulation. Wearing a pair of these high performance pants will help you stay dry, even on hot and humid summer days.

Ladies can check out these sporty Anti-Chafe Knickerboxers, made from stretchy ultra-comfortable CoolMax, and featuring the breathable cotton/Coolmax double looped gusset.  These are perfect whether you’re running, doing yoga, hiking, or cycling, and can even be worn shopping under light summer dresses or skirts, for easy breezy style and maximum comfort.

Active people need advanced, high-performance solutions that have been designed with movement in mind.  Bacteria thrive on sweat, and we produce more of it the more active we are.  Including a fabric like cotton in the gusset will help discourage bacteria and fungus, as cotton is a natural fibre, but when it’ harnessed with the wicking and anti-bacterial properties of comfy CoolMax, it’s even more effective.

Hate that painful uncomfortable feeling of your flesh chafing as you run?  The smart wicking system in pants like the ones featured in this article will help stop that nasty sensation by encouraging air to flow and enabling your sweat glands to do their job better.
Underwear like this is the answer to the problem of irritating chafing and chapping, which is great news as it leaves you more room to concentrate on doing the things you enjoy, staying active and
working towards your goals.No More chafing whilst running



Stop The Sweat – Underwear For Men

Sweat Control Underwear For Men

Sweat. It’s a fact of life but it can often feel uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially when it’s summer, in humid, centrally heated conditions like the office, or when you’re getting active.

sweat control underwearMen tend to sweat more than women, and with between 2 -4  million sweat glands distributed all over your body, if you don’t take precautions to control sweating, it can cause awkward and unpleasant side effects.

Odour can be a major side effect of sweating, and is one of the main issues a lot of men struggle to deal with when it comes to controlling sweat. It happens because the sweatiest areas of your body, like your groin, inner thighs, and testicles, produce proteins when you sweat, encouraging unhealthy bacteria to feed and causing odour.

Chafing, caused by friction, excess moisture, or by wearing tight clothing or poorly fitting underwear, can be exacerbated by sweaty areas too, especially around the groin and inner thighs. The solution is antibacterial underwear made from a high performance fabric designed to pull sweat away from your body and encourage better airflow.

Advancements in material technology have enabled designers to create new smart underwear, specifically designed to tackle the problem of excess sweating and the discomfort it causes.

mens briefs jetOne such fibre is  Coolmax . An advanced fibre with a luxury, soft feel and special wicking properties that help moisture to evaporate faster, keeping your sweatiest areas drier for longer.

A pair of briefs like these Chaffree Men’s Briefs, made with CoolMax, are the ideal solution if sweating is a concern for you and comfort is an important  factor for you. The cleverly designed double woven gusset has looped cotton on the inside to maintain hygiene and increase breathability/airflow and keep you cool, and CoolMax on the outside to allow moisture to escape. Helping you stay comfortable far longer than your usual underwear.

Made from advanced CoolMax fibre, they are virtually seamless, so no labels or bulky, uncomfortable inner thigh seams, and they have a lightweight feel with an ultra-comfortable fit.

chaffree coolmax underwear mens boxer shorts short or long legIf you’re more of a boxers guy, you can opt for the Chaffree Men’s Boxers  Shorts instead.  These are also perfect worn under active wear, due to their longer leg length, which adds a lightweight snug layer, giving you relief from chafing and thigh rub. The boxers also have the double cotton/CoolMax gusset all the way down the inner leg, to keep your groin area cooler and drier, and come in a variety of size options and colourways, so it’s easy to find your perfect pair.

avoid a sweaty crotchTheir sleek fit is snug, yet never feels too tight, put these on in the morning and you probably won’t even know you’ve got them on!

Whatever age you are and whatever your body shape, groin sweat is a problem all men have to deal with. Now though, with the new advancements in smart, high performance fibres, you can control the impact sweating has on your daily activities, whether you’re at work, rest or play.

You can check out Chaffree’s mens underwear by clicking seamless mens underwear