Buying Guide For Anti Chafing Underwear

Say pants to painful chafing by knowing how to pick the right underwear

At one time or another, nearly all of us have experienced the pain chafing can cause, impacting on our comfort level, freedom of movement, and often resulting in inner thigh sores.

Chafing is caused by wearing restrictive, poorly fitting clothing next to your skin that doesn’t promote the healthy flow of circulation, as by doing this your underwear fails to protect your delicate inner thigh skin from rubbing together.

This problem is compounded by sweating, which affects us all even in winter months, particularly when we’re wearing fabrics that aren’t skin kind or breathable.

If you’re serious about preventing the problem of chafing, you first need to work out where your chafing line is, then look for underwear that’s been cut at least two inches below that point.

As we all have different body shapes, no two people’s thighs will meet up at the same point, so wearing underwear that falls below this chafing line allows for the natural ride up that occurs as you walk and move around.

The fabric your underwear is made from is also vitally important, as by wearing the wrong material next to your skin you will exacerbate sweating and trap bacteria.

Moisture control is crucial, as when sweat gets trapped next to the skin it amplifies the likelihood of experiencing chafing. Wearing inappropriate fabrics  and poorly fitting underwear that allows your thighs to rub together will only heighten the risk of chafing.

CoolMax, an advanced, high performance fabric that’s been specifically engineered to wick moisture away from the skin and promote healthy airflow, is an ideal fabric choice to opt for when selecting anti-chafing underwear.

Avoid underwear containing any form of silicone or latex, as silicone sticks to the skin, especially as you sweat, get warm, or generally move about throughout your day. Plus, to remove underwear containing silicone, or silicone bands, you frequently need to peel it away from your skin at the end of the day, heightening your risk of sores and uncomfortable, unsightly welts.

Latex is a known common allergant, which triggers many people to experience skin reactions, particularly when worn close to your body. If you wear latex close to your skin and are allergic, even mildly, you could experience hives, sores, an itchy red rash, and over time, may develop painful skin bumps.

It’s not just leg lengths and fabric choice you need to select carefully though, as your waistband can also affect your level of comfort, particularly if it’s not cut wide enough.

Thinner waistbands are much more likely to roll down or dig into your flesh as you move, restricting motion, impacting on your comfort level, and leaving ridges and rashes, and if worn repeatedly, can develop into painful skin sores.

You also need to take into account where the inner leg seams are as seams on the inside leg will cause additional rubbing and friction. Look for outer leg / offset seams i.e. not seams directly in the middle of the inner leg.

The Chaffree range offers a choice of 2 leg lengths for both men and women, and a variety of waist sizes, giving you the option to customize your underwear and your waistband to better fit your body shape.

These Men’s briefs made with CoolMax fabric, and featuring a choice of leg lengths and waist fits, enable you to tailor your underwear to your body and combat the uncomfortable and painful symptoms of chafing.

The underwear in the range is lightweight and made with seamless technology, featuring a long leg double looped cotton lined gusset designed to counter the rubbing that occurs as you move.

With other types of gusset, this friction only becomes more exacerbated over time, as the gusset area will wear thin due to contact, movement, and rubbing against other items of clothing.

When choosing the perfect pair of pants, pick the right gusset length for your body, and protect delicate inner thigh skin from sores, by measuring from the gusset past the chafing line.

Double looped gusset aids breathability, keeping you drier and cooler for longer as well as improving the anti bacterial properties. It also helps to prevent your thighs/legs sticking together whilst wearing or skirts all the way to the bottom of the underwear leg length as all ladies (and men) know that it isn’t just your upper thigh area that sticks together, sometimes it’s all
way down to your knees!

Chafing causes so many people unnecessary pain, distress, sores, and unpleasant bacterial infections, so when you come to select your next pair of pants, keep the points outlined in this guide in mind, if you want to maximise comfort, prevent the problem of chafing,  and promote optimal skin health.

These women’s knickerboxers, made from moisture wicking CoolMax and featuring a full inner leg length, double looped cotton/coolmax gusset and choice of leg and waist lengths, make it easier to tailor your underwear for a more comfortable fit.





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Ease Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Ease Complex Regional Pain symptoms by making one simple change to your wardrobe

You might not have heard of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome  (CRPS) but if you’re a sufferer yourself or you someone who has it, you’ll be familiar with the traumatic symptoms of this highly distressing condition.

What is it?

The condition causes sufferers to experience severe, debilitating pain in one part of their body, usually a limb, though it can spread to other areas of the body too. Sufferers report their skin becoming so sensitive that even the slightest touch or temperature change can cause intense bouts of pain.

Affected areas can also become inflamed and swollen, making it painful to move, and difficult to sleep. Medical experts still aren’t convinced of the exact cause of the disorder, though it’s generally thought to be a neurological condition that makes the body react abnormally to a previous trauma or injury.

The problem is, a lot of sufferers stillhaven’t had their symptoms correctly diagnosed, meaning many go through the pain and discomfort the disorder invokes, without having access to the correct medical care.

The disease can begin at any age, including in children, but the average age of diagnosis for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is 50, with women being diagnosed in about 3 out of 4 cases.

What can be done about it?

Currently the recommended treatment for Complex Regional Pain Disorder comprises four main approaches;

  1. Self-management – Patients are educated about the condition and learn some of the steps they can take to improve their symptoms
  2. Physical Rehabilitation – Sufferers are given physiological treatments to help ease their pain, and learn physiotherapy exercises to help reduce the risk of long term physical problems
  3. Pain Relief – Medication is given to sufferers to improve the physical and psychological symptoms of the condition, such as anticonvulsants and antidepressants
  4. Psychological Support – Patients are given mental health support such as CBT(Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), as the disorder can take a heavy toll on their wellbeing

Many sufferers feel the current treatment plan doesn’t always provide them with the solutions they need though.

“We need clothes that help stop us sweating and also fit us better as we put on weight due to medication but also because of insomnia and sometimes lack of exercise too, “says, Sandra, a sufferer of the condition.

Sandra isn’t alone in her experience, with many other patients reporting side effects from the medication prescribed, such as uncomfortable swelling and bloating.  As the disorder can severely impair mobility, with some people becoming wheelchair bound for long periods of time, this can further restrict Complex Regional Pain sufferer’s ability to move freely and feel comfortable.

Sweating, due to the increased bloating from the side effects of medication, and the psychological stress that results from this painful condition can make it next to impossible to difficult to get a good night’s sleep, while chronic immobility and poorly fitting clothing can cause bedsores and chaffing.

So is there anything else sufferers can do to improve their symptoms?

As badly fitting clothing, heavy or bulky layers, and scratchy uncomfortable fabrics can all exacerbate the problem, sufferers should opt for lighter, stretchy, advanced performance fabrics that will boost airflow to their skin.

The range from Chaffree has been designed with special CoolMax fabric, created to feel ultra-light against the skin.  This helps to ease the feeling of painful pressure so many sufferers report.  All the underwear in the line features a special moisture wicking system, which promotes healthy circulation and lifts sweat away from the body, helping to prevent the sticky, uncomfortable sensation many sufferers experience, particularly when exercising, and at night.

Chaffree underwear features a double cotton lined gusset, which aids in preventing yeast and other bacterial infections, and it’s ultra-comfy feel also helps to reduce the nasty bedsores and chaffing that can result from long periods of standing or sitting. The underwear is very stretchy and can stretchy at least one dress size up, so when the bloating occurs the wearer does not feel like they are wearing control underwear rather than comfort underwear.

If you suffer from this painful condition, the Chaffree range could provide you with a boost in comfort and help to ease some of your symptoms.  Designed to suit all body shapes, it comes in a choice of leg lengths, waist sizes, styles, and colours, with longer leg styles, like these women’s knickerboxers,or, or shorter styles like these women’s briefs, or stylish boxer briefs.

“I’ve been using the new underwear for the whole week I’ve been away and can say it’s been really comfortable. Even when I’ve been exercising I’ve not sweated as much, nor have I become sore around the inside of the upper thighs or underneath my breasts, “ adds Sandra.

If you’rea sufferer of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, then there things you can do to ease your symptoms.  As comfort will be your first priority, an important step to take is to change your underwear to a range like the Chaffree comfort line, as what you wear next to your skin needs to be breathable, stretchy, and designed to place the least amount of pressure on sensitive pain point.

I’ve been using the new underwear for the whole week I’ve been away and can say it’s been really comfortable and when I’ve been exercising I’ve not sweated as much, nor have I become sore around the inside of the upper thighs or underneath my breasts, as I’ve got a disability which makes you sweat more than normal called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which is in my knee but a neurological condition it’s something that really does live up to its name by being hard to understand, but in the 11 Years I’ve had it I’m more comfortable than ever, it would be nice if you did the same in pyjamas and robes in something lightweight for this and a couple of other conditions with similar problems.     Review from Sandra UK.

You can see more about the Chaffree range by clicking this link Chaffree Breathable Underwear.

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Best Underwear For Hot Flushes And Night Sweat During Menopause

Zap hot flushes and night sweats with smart pants and let your body breathe…

When you’re going through the menopause, hot flushes and night sweats can become the bane of your life, with the increase in body temperature making you feel awkward and uncomfortable especially when you’re trying to sleep.

Night sweating can cause insomnia and other associated sleep disorders because if your body is not at an optimum temperature, it’s next to impossible to fall and stay asleep.

Lack of sleep has a knock on effect, resulting in low energy, poor attention span, susceptibility to infection, and a reduced ability to heal.

This is not good news if you’re menopausal or perimenopausal as menopause takes a serious toll on your body because of all the drastic changes you’re going through. It’s a time when you should be getting extra sleep, not less but night sweats can make sleep a near- impossibility.

Should you sleep naked then?

Not everyone feels comfortable sleeping naked, particularly if they share the bed with someone else. Plus, it often isn’t practical, as hot flushes and night sweats aren’t exactly consistent and in the colder months, you don’t want to have to spend half the night under the covers shivering and freezing because you’re not properly dressed, just in case a bout of sweating occurs.

Sleeping naked also doesn’t necessarily help combat sweating the way you think it might. When you’re going through menopause you need extra help to wick sweat away from your body, otherwise you’ll just end up spending the night an uncomfortable sweaty mess.

We all know that unpleasant prickly feeling of being too warm, and unfortunately, during menopause that’s a problem that sleeping naked just can’t solve.

Also, those uncomfortable hot flushes that can come on at any time during the day aren’t helped by sleeping naked either.

Leaving the sweat on your body can also lead to itching which can lead to scratching which can lead to a whole more skin and bacterial problems as well as something extra to keep you up at night. Trying to sleep whilst hot and itchy is practically impossible, you may as well get up and have a cool bath/shower.

But wearing underwear makes me feel uncomfortable and itchy?

Wearing man made fibres, too tight underwear, or pants that haven’t been designed to be breathable can cause itchiness, as the fabric traps sweat next to the skin instead of allowing it to escape.

If you’re not wearing underwear that’s been designed to be breathable, you cause bacteria to linger close to your skin, which can result in skin chafing and sores if left unaddressed long term.

Sweating increases dramatically during menopause and perimenopause as the body adjusts itself and hormone levels fluctuate. If left untreated, you could end up with an itchy, uncomfortable rash or skin bumps at best, or a nasty bacterial or yeast infection if the problem becomes more severe.

So what should you wear to help make hot flushes and night sweats more bearable then?

Wearing specially designed “smart” underwear designed to wick sweat away from the intimate zones of your body like the crotch area, can help to prevent skin chafing, sores, and infection, and will help cool your body down.

Slipping on a pair of breathable briefs like this virtually seamfree high performance pair of Women’s Briefs from Chaffree, will help keep the symptoms of hot flushes and night sweating under control allowing you to enjoy a superior night’s rest.

Made from advanced Coolmax fabric, the anti-bacterial gusset has been double lined with cotton to stave off yeast infections, while the comfort first fit will hug your curves like a second skin.

These pants are so soft and light, once you have them on you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. Durable and lasting, the briefs come in a selection of colourways, sizes, waist heights and leg widths, making it easy to chose the perfect pair that’s tailored for your body.

No matter what your shape is, Chaffree’s clever briefs have been created to mould to your body, while the high tech Coolmax fabric has been engineered to keep sweating to a minimum.

Sleep better and deal with hot flushes and night sweats more effectively with Chaffree’s stylish and smart breathable briefs.  Power up with these pants in your armoury and you’ll be equipped to stave off  those irritating menopause symptoms that stop you getting the rest your body so deserves.

Have a look at the Chaffree range buy clicking this link MENOPAUSE UNDERWEAR

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Are Your Jeans Endangering The Health Of Your Skin?

Here’s why your jeans could be endangering your skin’s health… and how to combat the problem…

You might not know this but regularly wearing tight clothing can lead to a host of lingering and even dangerous skin problems.

Issues like inner thigh spots and bumps caused by inflamed follicles and trapped sweat can cause weeks, or months of itching and misery, and can even develop into fungal infections or skin abscesses if left untreated.

Most of us though,  find it impossible to part with our favourite jeans or treasured go-with-everything leggings,  but even if you don’t wear jeans or leggings, you’re likely still at risk.


If you regularly don work out gear, pack on bulky layers to keep the cold at bay during Winter,  wear man made fibres close to your skin,  or like most of us are carrying a few extra pounds – you could be endangering your skin health.

Why is wearing this type of clothing so bad for us though?

When you wear this sort of clothing, the friction created from your inner thighs repeated rubbing combines with the clothing fibres sitting near the surface of your skin – and causes severe irritation over time. This is why after a while you might start to see ingrained and blocked follicles, feel painful skin bumps, or experience an awkward, itchy red rash.

There’s even a medical term for this condition, Follicitus, but unpleasant as that may sound,  unfortunately,  the problem can get even worse.

Worse?  Really?

If you leave this condition untreated, over time the symptoms of repetitive friction worsen, creating a spiral of serious pain and discomfort.  All that trapped sweat continues to breed in your pores, developing into bacterial or fungal infections, nasty pus filled sores, and dangerous abscesses.

Sounds appealing right? So, can you do anything to prevent this happening?

Losing weight can help to lessen the effects of thigh chaffing and chapping but as we all know, that’s easier said than done.

But is this kind of chaffing only something we need to worry about in the summer months,  when the mercury rises and our sweat glands go into overdrive?

No, actually.

You might think you don’t sweat as much in Winter but because of all the bulky clothing, central heating, and temperature changes from going in and out,  your skin is even more at risk from the negative effects of sweating.

So, apart from losing weight, is there anything can you do about it?

There is one simple, low cost step you can take to immediately protect your skin from these kinds of problems, enabling you to prevent weeks, or even months of unpleasant chapping, itching,  and pain.

What is it?

By wearing specially designed high performance underwear created from skin kind advanced materials as a base layer that sits between your clothing and delicate inner thigh skin,  you can keep comfortable and still keep sporting your gym wear,  jeans,  or favourite leggings in style.

Chaffree stocks a wide range of expertly engineered “smart underwear”, made with high tech antibacterial CoolMax fabric, that’s been cleverly designed to fit your body like a second skin.

The fabric wicks away excess sweat,  allowing your skin to breathe easier,  and is so light you won’t even know you’re wearing it once you have it on.

Wearing this type of smart fabric is ideal if you want to prevent the negative effects of friction,  as excess sweat blocks your follicles,  which is what causes all those painful bumps and pus filled sores.

All the underwear in the Chaffree range wears well even under the tightest of clothing,  as the virtually seamfree design ensures no awkward pantylines.

A longer length style like these Ladies Knickerbockers or for men,  these Boxer Shorts,  are perfect to prevent inner thigh chaffing and would be ideal for wearing under gym gear,  cycling clothes, or snug fitting denim and leggings.

The super advanced,  antibacterial fabric staves off skin infections,  while the double lined cotton gusset helps to keep your crotch area cool,  preventing the dreaded “Jock Itch”.  This is a painful itchy red rash that’s caused by wearing too tight underwear,  or man made fibres that don’t allow enough air to circulate to your groin.

And there’s more… with Chaffree’s customizable range you can even personalize your pants… guaranteeing you the perfect pair to suit your unique body.

Chaffree underwear not only helps you see off skin discomfort but also offers you the ultimate in customized comfort  – allowing you to select from a variety of sizes, waist fittings,  leg lengths,  colourways,  and styles – so you can always find your ideal pair.

Put an end to painful skin sores,  bumps, and chaffing by picking up a pair of Chaffree this season, and give yourself the gift of great skin health –all year round.

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Thermals or Layers?

Changeable clothing that’s cleverly made for Wintery weather

The Winter season brings lots of festive cheer and a lot of good things to look forward too, but sadly, it also means much colder temperatures.  As soon as the mercury plummets, many of us feel the need to don itchy thermals and bulky, uncomfortable layers in order to keep the cold at bay.

This however, is not the best idea, because it can accelerate perspiration, which can actually contribute to you feeling even colder.

Sweating in Winter? Really?

You may not realise this but sweating isn’t just a summer thing, skin perspires heavily in wintery weather too.   Sweating in the cold season can be exacerbated by central heating and irritating layers of heavy clothing, and can lead to unpleasant chaffing, sore skin, and even bacterial infections if it’s not dealt with effectively.

Movement and heat makes your skin perspire and when it does, the subsequent layers of sweat can get trapped on the surface of the epidermis. Under heavy winter layers and sweat inducing thermals this stops the free flow of circulation that helps your body naturally regulate it’s own temperature.

Even though it’s cold outside life doesn’t just stop, and many of us lead busy, active lifestyles right through the cold season. Lifestyles that mean we’re constantly going from warm centrally heated indoor temperatures to near freezing ones when we step outside.

Whether we’re going for that morning run, walking the dog, or just making your way home from work, we’re frequently exposed to different temperatures whenever we’re going about our daily lives.

But how does all this activity actually end up making you feel colder?

Movement and heat makes your skin perspire and when it does, the subsequent layers of sweat can get trapped on the surface of the epidermis. Under heavy winter layers and sweat inducing thermals this stops the free flow of circulation that helps your body naturally regulate it’s own temperature.

This blockage can cause all sorts of uncomfortable reactions and problems, from itching to painful chaffing, and even nasty fungal infections.


Which is why, although you might be tempted to bulk buy that thermal underwear to keep cosy, it’s actually one of the worst things you can do to ensure your comfort during the winter period.  In fact, it can even be downright disastrous for the health of your skin.

So what is the solution?

You need clever, specially designed clothing that can adapt to the changing temperatures your body is exposed to during the colder months, made with fibres that allow the free flow of air.  This kind of clothing will ensure your skin’s health and keep you feeling cosy and warm to boot.

Wear clothing that uses high performance materials, like the CoolMax advanced fibre used in these seamless Chaffree Women’s knickerbockers or the seam free Chaffree Men’s Boxer Short’s, to help prevent stagnant perspiration during the Winter season.

Chaffree clothes help to cool the skin when it overheats due to central heating, exercise, or vigorous movement, as the unique CoolMax fibre lifts sweat and wicks moisture away from your body.

With a choice of short or long leg lengths, and a range of stylish colors, you can find the perfect pair of Winter pants for women or men in among Chaffree’s stylish selection.

All Chaffree garments are made to adapt to your body, so when you’re cold they insulate you, keeping you warm but comfortable, without the need for heavy, awkward layers that make you itch.

Ideal for every environment, seamless, and super comfortable to wear, Chaffree garments have a luxury, second skin feel, so you won’t even notice you’re wearing then.

Wearing advanced fibre clothing like this helps prevent chaffing, and can prevent sore skin and bacterial infections from developing too.

Whether you’re stuck in a stuffy centrally heated office, or outside in the frost, layering with Chaffree is the perfect way to keep warm this Winter.

So when you’re shopping online for your Christmas stocking fillers this year, remember to pick yourself up a pair of Chaffree – and give yourself the ultimate gift – toasty comfort during the cold season.

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